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With my previous (dumb) Samsung phone I used to send text messages to email addresses all the time and everything was fine. Now, it turns out that when I send a text message to an email address with my iPhone 4 the phone sends it as MMS instead of text, and the problem with that is that my provider (Bell Canada) charges me extra for these MMS messages. I do not normally use picture or video messaging, but when I'm trying to create a message to an email address with MMS disabled, the phone tells me this cannot be done unless I enable MMS.

I can receive texts from email addresses just fine and they come in as text messages with no extra charges for me. How can I send a plain text message from iPhone to an email address without going through MMS?

iPhone 4, iOS 4
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    Use Mail. It is very good at sending text messages to email addresses. It's almost as if it were designed for it.
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    Thanks for the smart suggestion, but suppose I did not want to disclose my email address to the recipient, only the phone number?
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    How do I send several texts from the same person over to an email?
    Need to see them in date order, just as they appear in text...
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    Dododo, I have your same exact problem, right down to my last cell phone (samsung) that did it perfectly using only my included unlimited texts.
    Has anyone found a solution to this problem? I think it sends them as MMS because bell sends the texts to email from the iphone as words on a notepad-like background that arrives in email as a picture attachment.
    My problem is that I'd like to turn my 3G off when I don't need it, to save my mb's. Therefore sending emails right from the email app is not a viable alternative, when text --> email used to be free on my old, basic cell phone.
    Any suggestions/solutions are appreciated
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    Well, a little follow-up. I spoke to a really unhelpful person at Bell. The only thing he would do is add MMS messaging for an additional $5/month. They wouldn't even take off the $12 in charges for MMS I got because I hadn't realized that's how they were being sent, unless I added the MMS add-on (I didn't, rip-off). I asked if there was any way I could send texts to email adresses, and he said either use your data and send an email, or get the MMS add-on. Oh well, I guess I should have done a little more homework into smart phones before I bought one... I just figured if a plain phone could do it, a smart phone could too.