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After many months of indecision I finally made up my mind to experiments the delights of SSD.
I bought an OCZ Vertex 2E 120gb 2.5 sata II, and I am waiting for it to arrive.
In the meantime, in spite of an almost endless googling I could not find a definitive answer to this question:
After you physically install the SSD, and booting from Snow Leo DVD, what should I do to prime the drive? For HDD it is good practice to zero out data, but what about SSDs? Should I zero out data or is it better to perform a fast format? Some sites say zeroing out data can ruin the SSD or that it is counterproductive because of Mac OS x absence of TRIM support (i.e. by zeroing out data I would basically fill the drive, something that I should not really be looking forward to with an SSD).
Could someone please help on this?
Also, final question: should I upgrade the SSD firmware to the latest version before installing or not?
Many thanks for your answers!

BTW: I have a late 2008 2.4GHZ unibody macbook pro 15.4 inches with 4gb of RAM and I am planning to install Snow Leo 10.6.1 and update it straightaway to 10.6.4.