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When I try send a mail using Mail I get an error message that reads "sender address xxx@mac.com rejected by the server." I tried changing ports and that didn't help. I even logged onto .mac and tried to send mail from the web page and received a message saying "your message could not be delivered." I can still receive email.

I have been sending a lot of email today, and I wonder if .mac is blocking me from sending because they think I'm spamming. I'm not. I just need to send the same message to about 100 different people.

Powerbook G4, Mac OS X (10.3.9)
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    .Mac has several safeguards in place to ensure that only .Mac members send messages with the Mac.com outgoing mail server.

    Among them are reasonable limitations on:

    The number of messages that can be sent each day (200 messages)
    The number of recipients that can be sent to each day (400 recipients)
    The number of recipients a message can be addressed to at one time (100 recipients)

    There is also a 10 MB maximum size for messages sent or received using the .Mac mail system.

    .Mac Email has been designed primarily for personal use. Sending unsolicited bulk email messages through the .Mac email server is prohibited.

    Have you exceeded any of these limits in a 24 hour period?
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    I am having the same problem. I did send several group emails yesterday letting all of my friends know of my new contact information, although I did not exceed any of the limits noted above. Still, I guess the server thinks I am spamming people?? I have tried all the "tricks" I've found on this site - changing the port number, clicking "Get Mail" before trying to send, etc. - and none of them have worked. Help!
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    Hello Grace.

    None of these messages were sent or you were unable to send messages with your .Mac account after sending these messages?

    How many total recipients for all messages sent yesterday?

    Do you have an email account and SMTP server provided by your ISP used for connecting to the internet?

    If so, try selecting/using your ISP's SMTP server to send mail with your .Mac account which is invisible to all recipients.
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    Hi Allan - I was able to send the emails to my friends about my new email address. I received a bunch of replies and was in the process of responding to them when, suddenly, I could no longer send any more emails, and I started getting the error message.

    I sent about 60 emails yesterday. I don't know how many recipients in total, but no one email was sent to more than 60 or so people.

    I use Time Warner Cable's Road Runner service, and use the .mac server for email. I am not sure I understand your suggestion below... Sorry, I am not very computer literate! Can you clarify? Thanks for your help!
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    Any chance you exceeded 400 recipients total included with the 60 messages sent yesterday?

    I am also a Time Warner (RoadRunner) customer. Are you accessing a RoadRunner email account in Mail also?

    If so, go to Mail > Preferences > Accounts and under the Account Information tab for your .Mac account preferences at the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) selection, select the pop-up menu beside the .Mac SMTP server and select the RoadRunner SMTP server for your .Mac account. When exiting account preferences, save the changed setting when prompted.

    Try sending a message with your .Mac account. Using RoadRunner's SMTP server to send mail with your .Mac account is invisible to all recipients.
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    Hi Allan, I don't think I exceeded 400 recipients total. I would've guessed it was closer to 250 max. But I guess since I am having this problem, I have to assume that I did exceed the limit!

    I do not have a Road Runner email account. I called Apple support and they walked me through setting up a Road Runner SMTP server... It did not work. I spent over 1.5 hours on the phone with them, and no trick they tried worked. I also lugged my computer down to the Mac store earlier today and waited in line for ever and they could not help either. I'm about to throw my computer out the window!
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    The RoadRunner SMTP server is different depending on the area where you reside so I'm not sure how Apple Support would know RR's SMTP server for your geographic area.

    You have a RR email account but you haven't created or used it in Mail. RR creates an initial email account and password for all new customers and the email address based on your name such as the initial for your first name and your last name. You login to RR's website with the email address and password RR provided and you can create a new email account/address as you prefer or use the initial email address and password provided by RR.

    This information should be available at RR's website or you may need to call RR support to ask about the initial email account/address and password RR created for you. They will give you the incoming mail server and outgoing or SMTP server, etc.
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    Not sure how they knew it but sounded like they had a list. And they were correct, because I just checked on Road Runner's website and it is exactly what they told me it was. smtp-server.nyc.rr.com. It didn't work. I guess I am at the point where I just have to give up! Thanks for trying to help.