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  • SuchAnObviouslyFlawedDesign Level 1 Level 1

    I suffer from the very same problems. To this date, there are no reasonable excuses not to offer proper language settings; furthermore, restricting information (such as "top" lists, etc.), reviews and comments by geographical source is tediously harmful for the end user.


    Seeing that "App Stores" are said to be "offered" in certain languages is worrying to me, because it seems to imply that this is a choice rather than an oversight.

    This is such an obviously flawed design.

  • handyman99 Level 1 Level 1

    My e-mails from Apple and app store app are in japanese but I live in the US.  This is a new feature of os 5 icloud and the latest i-tunes.  Clearly Apple has a language mapping issue.


    Untill they get it fixed, try purchasing your music from the MP3 store.  It has no language restrictions and the music is DRM free.  Apple responds quickly to lost business.  Sorry Apple.

  • shailentj Level 1 Level 1

    Just because of that language oversight, I ditched my iPhone 4. I still csnnot change the language on my last Apple product,f the iPad. Note, even though the iOS language and International settings (under General Settings) are set to English, the App Store is still in German. And this is not the developer descriptions. It is the whole Store interface.


    I will wait for a short time for this problem to be solved. If by 20th December 2011, the bug is not solved, then I will fully switched to Android, which currently has the best user interface (in Ice Cream Sandwich), and no problems with languages. For instance, even though I live in Germany, my whole Android phone is in English, even the market and terms and conditions information.

  • annettep38 Level 1 Level 1

    may be it is time to learn the language???

    well I have been living here for 10 years and I am running a busisness. I am quite good at French - for - the -motortrade now but that does NOT imply that I want a French newspaper. It does not mean that I can make head or tail of the obscure translations for anything computeer related.

    Besides, I paid for the Ipad with a Britsh credit card in a British store to avoid the problem, but no they kepping nannying me.

    Please try to cope for a day with the appstore in an unwated foreign language, enjoy.

  • pcdvorak Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same issue and it's a major one here in spain where there is a high number of foreigners living. I've pretty much given up trying to buy stuff in the appstore because of the launguage issues. I really don't mind buying from the spanish store in Euro's but I want to be able to read whats going on.. a simple option to change the language is all thats needed.


    At least Apple haven't gone the MS route and made the OS language specific to each country.. that would be the last straw!


    Come on Apple give us a simple useable workaround

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