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when i try to update or download an app it comes up with the message 'Cannot connect to the store a secure connection cannot be established. please check your date&time settings.' i have done the obvious and checked my wifi settings and connection strength. i am curently sitting next to the wireless hub with my ipod and am getting the same message it is getting really annoying now! please help!

ipod 3G
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    Got the same message. It seems from the other discussions this is a Apple issue and they need to correct. However if you sync and download apps from computer it does work- it maybe an update that is not working with WIFI
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    I haven't been able to resolve this issue neither.
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    Extremely frustrated with this issue. Can't access the Apps store, unable to connect, create another account or pretty much do anything regarding Apple and the apps update.

    On a gen one Ipod. Apple....why?

    I've read something about authentication server issues, seems plausible, but you're creating a lot of issues here, fix it!!!