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Hi, I am getting the following error message: itunes is not a valid win32 application. every time I click update itunes there is some issue. last time I had to delete all files and reinstall everything including all my music Cd's I am trying to avoid this. Can anyone tell me how to fix this error cause the old Itunes already install now will not run either as a result of the attempted update. I read one thread that said use microsoft fix it. But I am not sure how that works. Please help!( if I fix this I am never updating itunes ever again).

Acer laptop, Windows XP
  • b noir Level 9 Level 9
    Just doublechecking ... in the course of your troubleshooting to date, have you worked through the following document?

    [iTunes: Windows reports that "iTunesSetup.exe is not a valid Win32 application"|http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1406]
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    I couldn't find this page, you sent even after searching win32. I don't find the apple site user friendly and only found forums on google not through the actual apple site, where I could not find forums at all. I will follow the page instructions and report back. But I have some trepidation because it says delete old version of Itunes which would mean my cds ( dozens of them) would have to be placed back onto Itunes. Also, I never used a browser per se to update I clicked update from itunes directly which I will NEVER do again. No matter how old the version gets no more updates. EVER!
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    Deleting iTunes will not delete any media files in iTunes.
    Deleting iTunes only deletes the application.
    The iTunes library files and media files are stored in /Music/iTunes/. Deleting iTunes will not remove this directory.

    That being said, you do make regular backups of your data, correct?