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I just bought the Macbook Air 11 inch and one of the first things I did was migrate from my Macbook, is that what Remote Disc is as noted in Finder under Devices?
I tried to eject it, Get info, I have no clue what it is or does.

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    Mac OS X
    From pg 19 of the manual:

    Sharing Discs with DVD or CD Sharing
    You can enable DVD or CD Sharing on a Mac or Windows computer to use the Remote Disc feature of
    MacBook Air. Remote Disc allows you to share the discs you insert into the optical disc drive of the
    other computer. Some discs, such as DVD movies and game discs, may be copy-protected and
    therefore unusable through DVD or CD Sharing.
    Make sure DVD or CD Sharing is already set up on any Mac or Windows computer you want to partner
    with. For information, see page 15.
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    Thank you Tony!
    I kinda just skimmed thru the manual, I just saw it now. Thanks again