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I have and iPhone 4 with iOS 4.1 that is defaulting to 3G over wifi. I have "reset network settings" from the settings > general > reset tab and it is still not working.

I am using a linksys e1000 router and it lists my iPhone's mac address as (a random assignment from the dhcp client table from the router administration browser). The iPhone on the other hand is displaying a 169 address suggesting that it isn't connecting.

This has only started within the last couple of days, but just for reference, the wifi is "mixed" WPA2 Personal. i don't recall what the definition of mixed is for the e1000 router, but it works with older g-devices, and this iphone has connected before without a problem. (another iphone 4 with iOS 4.1 in the house is connecting just fine still).

Any ideas? Thanks.

all of them, iOS 4
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    It's most likely a DHCP problem with your router. A 169 address indicates that your DHCP server is not assigning you a valid IP address or that you cannot connect to the network to receive the address. Try power cycling your router. Then do reset network settings on your iPhone.
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    My iPhone 4 is doing the same thing. My buddy is sitting here with his iPhone 4 and it will get on the WiFi, but mine keeps dumping me to 3G. Also, if I put the phone in airplane mode and turn WiFi on it will connect to the network, but if airplane mode is off, it keeps defaulting me to 3G instead of the WiFi. Any ideas or help here?
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    The "reset network settings" didn't work for me, but it was because mine was on the router side. That option is under Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings. That said, before I reset my router, another iphone was still able to connect, and wireless laptops were still working. I wasn't sure it was my router until my wireless printer started getting a 169 ip address. A reset of my router, linksys e1000, fixed the problem.

    Hope that helps
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    That started happening to me within the last several days. My iPhone 3Gs was getting warm and the battery was draining quickly. It was cycling wifi on and off several times a minute.

    Coincidentally, I noticed that another new WiFi SSID had shown up with same full signal strength as mine -- probably an adjacent neighbor in my apartment building.

    So I changed my router's wireless b/g channel from "auto" to channel 11. That resolved it. Wifi on the iPhone has returned to "steady state".

    Good luck!