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Hi There,
I'm a first time Mac user,
but here goes.
My Macbook is the only one in the house, so haven't needed to network it as yet.
But just bought a new Canon Printer MP560, which is meant to be wireless.
I think I need to set up a wireless network. Is that correct?
Apparently, my macbook has inbuilt airport extreme.
I've switched Airport on, and named a network MAC AH.
When we turned our printer on, and went through all the settings.
We followed the following steps.
Setting/ok/wireless LAN setup/ok/Easy settings.
When we did this, it found MAC AH. Yippee. but then when it searched for the access point it said "failed to connect to the access point" check the access point settings and try again.
This was a bit annoying.
I switched off the laptop.
And when I turn it on again. There does not even seem to be a network called MAC AH anymore. So it doesn't seem to be holding the network name.
Is there someone out there in the ethos that can tell me what I'm doing wrong. (Infairly simple language)

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    What router are you using?
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    I don't know if we have a router. Can these be in built?
    I was given the laptop as a present, and was just told it had inbuilt AirPort Extreme.
    Would I have to purchase a router.
    Sorry, I don't know much.
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    Just to let you know. I don't need to connect to the internet.
    I have a wireless modem that connects to the internet (this just plugs into one of the USB Ports.
    So I only need a way of wirelessly connecting the Macbook to the printer. Nothing else.
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    "I have a wireless modem that connects to the internet (this just plugs into one of the USB Ports."

    if it's wireless why is it plugged in? Read the modem manual and see if the Canon can be used with it on the network.
    P.S. you are on a network.
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    You have to first set up the printer using a USB cable.
    Go to Canon's site and it's all explained and quite helpful.
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    True but she still needs to clarify her network.
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    Maybe I have to add an Australasian flavour to the responses?

    The wireless USB that is being talked about will be a 3G Wireless modem that is allowing the Macbook to connect to the internet via a cellular data connection. This is of no use for networking the printer.

    The Macbook can, and did, create an ad-hoc WiFi (802.11) network but I'm not certain that the printer will connect to such a network? (Am I right in thinking it would be WEP rather than WPA?) Also there is the observed issue that an ad-hoc network will not be automatically recreated when waking the laptop.

    Cupcake - I would suggest that you need another piece of hardware to create a WiFi network in your house. You might do that with an Airport Express, or you might do it by replacing your USB modem with a "Pocket WiFi" that creates a small WiFi network which links into the 3G network. Otherwise, you may have to be tethered via a USB cable.
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    Kiwi I think you're spot on. An Airport Express set up to do that will work.
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    I didn't want to bother our helpdesk at work with personal PC problems.
    But I thought they may have a temporary USB cable that i could borrow.
    They ended up advising, as kiwi above, that the Telstra wireless dongle would not allow me to print through the network and that I needed an additional piece of hardware, like a wireless router.
    They also didn't have a spare cable. So for $13.00 I purchased one, and everything is working fine.
    It was a choice between a $13.00 cable or another piece of equipment probably costing alot more.

    So thankyou for all your help, everybody.