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I have been using my gmail account for months, with no problems. Then all of a sudden, two days ago it starting telling me that my user name or password is incorrect. I have not changed anything on my email....including the user name or password. I know the user name and password are both correct because I can still access my gmail from the internet using the same info. I have tried to delete and recreate this account several times. I have tried to set it up as a gmail and also exchange, but I keep getting the message that my password is incorrect.

I don't understand what could have gone wrong, because like I said I've used it for months and hadn't changed a thing. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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    Same issue with mine too.

    please someone advice.
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    Same problem here for past 3 days. 2 Gmail accounts, sometimes I can access both, sometimes one, and sometimes none. No problem through PC's or Safari on iPhone. No problem with AOL or ATT e-mail accounts. Seems like something between Mail app and Google?
  • digitalformula Level 1 Level 1

    I don't want to alarm everyone but it's quite likely that someone's hacked your Gmail account. I'm saying this seriously as I'm 99% sure it's what happened to me.

    I had the same issue 2 days ago where my iPhone 4 starting saying my Gmail password was wrong so I logged into Gmail in Firefox and got told by Google that my account had been flagged as showing suspicious activity.

    I did some checking and found that an email had been sent from my account that I didn't send - it was even in my sent items. The content of the email was nothing more than a spam URL.

    I did some more checking and found that my iPhone 4 logged into Gmail at 0330 on October 30th and then, 9 minutes later, something/someone in Serbia logged into my Gmail and sent the SPAM messages to people that I haven't emailed for years.

    I had to go through Gmail's identification process which involved a verification code being sent to my phone. I had to enter this into the Gmail website and then change my password. Now it's all working OK though.

    Because I'm paranoid I've just spent an entire day changing my password pretty much everywhere to passwords that are randomly generated by a small application I use.

    I would highly recommend that you log into Gmail in your browser and check the activity log link at the bottom of your Gmail to see if anyone other than you logged into your Gmail account recently. For mine, if anyone's interestedå:

    IP info: http://images.digitalformula.net/temp/dns-lookup.jpg
    Gmail log: http://images.digitalformula.net/temp/gmail-log.jpg

    P.S. Interestingly I just received the same SPAM email from a friend of mine so I'm wondering if there's an iPhone virus around???