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    Hi there, I have the same issue as 'lmatos' above. For some of my events iPhoto has creates 1000's of duplicate entries for Fethiye and OluDeniz. Perhaps serves me right for holidaying in Turkey. It has not done this for other events however. Has anyone cracked how to remove these duplicate entries from the DB? I did over a 1000 using the 'Stop' sign and it did not even make a dent in the number I have left to remove. Any pointers would be really appreciated.

  • Grard92 Level 1 Level 1

    I think that I have found a solution:



    If you have 20 photos (for example) to locate in a new place in iPhoto, just select one photo of them, locate it. Then, select the 19 rest of photos and search for the place you've created and add them. That way it seem to be no multiplicity in locations.

  • Tompert Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same issue. But I am noticing that it involves places with foreign characters or accents in the names. Could it be that the bug is that Places has been implemented with just the basic English alphabet? When I rename a place, say "My First Home" to use only basic letters, no umlauts or accents and assign that place to multiple pictures it works fine and stays as one entry in "Manage My Places" But the ones that have 10, 20 or more duplicates all seem to involve characters like "ß" in Straße or something like that. Can you guys look at yours and let me know if you find this to be at the root of your issue as well? Thanks!

  • frestah Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, it seems to be an encoding bug. If adding a place with a non-english letter in it to several photos duplicates are created. Also, it is not possible to search your own places using non-english characters. The work-around I've found is the following:


    1. Flag the photos with a given place just to make sure you can find them later if you make a mistake.

    2. Delete all instances of the place in "my places".

    3. Search and add the place to just one photo.

    4. Select the rest of the photos.

    5. Search for your selected place and add it.


    Note: you cannot use non-english characters in the search in step 5, because then your previously added place won't be found and all hits will be new, and selecting any of them will give duplicates again. Most places have at least some english letters in sequence, if not there is no other way than to rename your place to something more "anglified" I'm afraid. I guess you could name it eg. XYZZY and then change it back to the original name after assigning all photos, I haven't tried that.


    A rather annoying bug indeed. I guess I'm lucky that I didn't get more than a few dozen duplicates...

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