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Does anyone have experience with a MacBook Pro (late 2007) and Snow Leopard?

I am currently running 10.4.11 and, aside from a logic board failure last week, it's been trudging along without any issues.

However, I'm seeing more and more apps that require 10.5.7 or higher, and I would like to be able to run some of those apps. With 10.5.x no longer available, except at a rather high price from some sellers who still do have copies, Snow Leopard seems to be my only option.

But, I'm a bit hesitant to upgrade as I've seen a fair number of comments from users who referred to Snow Leopard as Apple's "Vista." Plus, I've seen complaints from people with MacBook Pro machines who have said SL slowed them down or caused them to overheat and such issues. But it was unclear as to what version of SL they were running. Not sure if they were talking about the most current versions or if it were earlier versions that had issues and (hopefully) the most current version has eliminated those issues.

At any rate, I was hoping to hear some feedback from MacBook Pro users who are using Snow Leopard. Sometimes on forums you can get a slanted view, since people are more likely to show up and comment when they have a problem then when they have no issues at all.


MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.4.11)