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I have 7.5k scanned slides to catalog and since the EXIF date on the scans is, obviously, the date of the scanning, I would like to use the IPTC "Date Created" to indicate the date the photo was taken. I've previously done this in Lightroom, but am having trouble in Aperture.

First, I would like to simply enter the appropriate date in IPTC format (yyyy/mm/dd). However, the only way I see to do it is highlighting each element and using the up-down arrows. This is exceedingly laborious. Is there any way to manually enter a date. And can I eliminate the "Hours min sec" part of the date.

Moreover, for many of the scans I do not have a complete date. In Lightroom I simply entered whatever I had, e.g. 1972/6/ which seems to have worked fine. This cannot be done in Aperture using the arrows. Is there any way around this?

Finally, I had assumed that I could select several images, enter a date, and press "Write IPTC metadata to Masters" and the change would show up on all the master files. Doesn't happen. Only the first file selected is changed.

I'm using the 30-day trial version of Aperture. Please tell me I don't have to go back to Lightroom to obtain theise critical features. But if I must, please let me know before I invest in Aperture.

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