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Can someone tell me in VERY easy layman terms how to get the music from the kids' Zunes to iTunes so that we can sync the new iPhones when they get them for Christmas? All the songs are in the Zune Marketplace (I think that's what it's called) so is it possible to transfer those to iTunes?
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    Type "Zune to itunes" or similar into the Google search bar.

    You should get several helpful links.

    Here are a couple of the links I found:


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    Thank you! The second link you sent made it sound WAY easier than the first link. I guess I'll have to play with it once they get their iPhones.
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    I just wanted to come back and tell you about my "pleasant surprise". The kids aren't getting their iphones until Christmas but I was trying to get stuff ready on the computer. I had already downloaded itunes a couple weeks before but then I finally went in to look around at it. The first time I opened it, it asked me a couple questions. One of them was something like "do you want to download stuff automatically or tell it to do certain ones". I chose the automatic answer. All of a sudden I started seeing all these songs flashing across the screen. Took a little while to realize that it was all the music from the Zune being loaded into the itunes library. It took quite a while and there were certain ones that said they were "wma protected" or something like that (I don't remember exactly) but I'm thinking they were probably ripped cd's that couldn't transfer. There were only a very small number of those anyway. So.... as far as I can tell, all of our music was transferred from I guess a folder on the computer into the itunes library. I guess I won't know for sure until I sync a phone but I thought that was pretty easy.
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    All the songs are in the Zune Marketplace

    Note that if these songs contain DRM and/or are WMA files (I believe most are), they will not play on iTunes/iPhone.
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    "Note that if these songs contain DRM and/or are WMA files (I believe most are), they will not play on iTunes/iPhone."

    Aw man, don't try to rain on my parade..... After everything was finished, it did tell me that a certain number of them were wma protected and would not transfer. I'm hoping that only those won't play on the iphone. Are you saying that you don't think any of them will?? So I will have to go back and do what the other guy said I would have to? I haven't tried syncing a phone yet but I guess I will find out this weekend.
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    BUT... the reason I figured this worked is because when I told the guy at the AT&T store that I was unsure of how to do the transfer, he told me that all the music in the Zune Marketplace was also being saved to a file on my computer. I would just need to find that file and drag and drop it into the itunes library folder. I didn't try that yet because it looked like it took care of doing it all for me. I assumed it was because I told it to download automatically.... whatever that means. I figured that means that whatever music files were on the computer it would automatically pull to the itunes library. Am I way off base here??
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    No, you're on the right track. However you are forgetting about DRM.
    Tracks bought with windows DRM will not go into itunes.
    Tracks bought with apple DRM will not go into Windows Media Player.

    Looks like you have some windows-DRM tracks. Maybe WMP has a legal feature to remove the DRM? I don't know.

    Most digital stores have gone away from this nonsense, but if you have traks from a few years ago, they will have DRM.
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    Nope, I'm not "forgetting about DRM".... I just don't have a clue what that is! Seriously, I am very low-tech capable. If I remember right, the girls have had these Zunes for 2 years. The only songs purchased have been through the Zune marketplace plus they've ripped cd's.

    I hope the majority of their stuff can be played on their new phones. I guess we'll see soon.
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    Digital Rights Management
    It's supposed to prevent piracy for the record companies but all it does is make it a hassle to switch between different systems.

    You can probably burn the WMA tracks to an audio CD and use it like any other audio CD. I think Zune marketplace is supposed to be DRM-free now, itunes store as well, but sounds like you have some older tracks with DRM.
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    So, I was thinking about this a little more and was wondering.... do you think the stuff that is sitting in my itunes library will be fine or should I dump everything and transfer it all back in in a different way? I'm guessing the answer would be wait and sync a phone to it and see if the music plays on it. But maybe when I answered that first question about automatically loading the music on (can't remember the exact wording), if maybe I shouldn't have said yes and instead should uninstall the itunes and start over. Hmmm.....

    I've changed my mind about having a shared itunes account for all four of us and instead will have separate itunes accounts from individual computer profiles. Right now I only have itunes installed on the "admin" profile and I'm not sure if that means it installed on the other profiles or not (not at home to look at it). When I go to install it (if I have to) on the other profiles or just go to set up their own accounts, should I choose a different answer if/when it asks me that again? I guess I'm assuming that you all know which question I'm referring to.
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    Yes, I know that question you're talking about, and it will not appear again on your PC in the admin account unless you completely wipe itunes including registry entires. I am not sure about the other accounts.

    iTunes installs in all accounts. It will already be there in the other 4 when you check at home.

    You're smart to use different windows user accounts. That way everyone can have their own ratings & play counts. Method 1 from this article

    Make sure to click on the link about sharing music between different accounts on the same PC.
    Put the music & videos in a shared folder. Make sure everyone's itunes has advanced preferences turned off to copy music. This will prevent your hard drive from filling up with duplicates.

    You might want to look into using 'itunes folder watch' to keep everyone's library updated with new music. Just google for that little program.
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    Goodness. I did look at that and looked at that particular link. I imagine all that will make a little more sense once I get in there and start looking around. Thanks for the info! I'm saving all of this to look back on once I get started. I just hope that all the music that is now in my itunes library that automatically imported (is that the right terminology?) will play on the phone but what if it doesn't? I guess I'll be trying to figure out how to delete everything in itunes and start over? Should I have not answered that question the way I did? We'll cross that bridge I guess when/if it happens.
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    Your answer was fine. It's what most folks answer. If it plays in itunes, it should sync w/o problems to the phone.
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    Oh good.... was thinking I had already done something wrong before even really getting started! Everyone is SO helpful here!