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Strange problem... I have a source track that I want Output 1-2 to duck. So I put the Ducker in on Output 1-2 and select my source track as the side chain (which is panned hard left). If I solo just the source track, when the Ducker is ON, the panning is ignored. When the Ducker is OFF, it's hard left like it's supposed to be.

What the H?

iMac 24", Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    If you put the output of the vocal track to an unused bus (remember to either delete the aux that is created or turn the aux's output off) then use that bus as the sidechain it works as expected.

    Of course if you bypass the ducker, you won't hear the vocals, because the sidechain gets mixed with the ducker's channel. This probably has something to do with what you are experiencing. If you set the audio as the sidechain maybe it taps it pre-pan.
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    Thank you. Not sure why they made it that way, but that certainly did fix it up.

    Initially I was confused as to how I could hear my vocal track at all, since I had routed it to an aux bus and then turned off the output. But I guess as you say, when you insert the ducker, it automatically mixes the sidechain.