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Hi, I have my iPhone4 32GB with iOS 4.1, it is new with just like 5 days of use, when I record videos and then I watch them on my PC the volume is really low, I'm comparing the volume with videos taken with my iPod Touch 4th gen and there is a big difference.

When I record videos with my iPhone 4, there is sound, but in a really low volume level, I don't know how to fix this, maybe a future software update could fix this? or what can I do? By the way, I'm using a hard case and it has all the right holes for microphones and ports.


iPhone 4, iOS 4, 4.1
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    Make sure you're not covering the mic on the bottom of the phone with your hands when you hold the phone.
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    Hi, I'm not covering the microphones, I've noticed that the top microphone is the one that records the videos sound, when I cover that microphone the videos results silenced, I tried covering the bottom microphone but there is still audio, so I've determined that the top microphone is the one that records the videos sound. But I did the same test with the voice recording app and is the opposite case, it records with the bottom microphone and I think it does that at higher volume, so maybe I think the top microphone is not very receptive, I don't know how to do to record videos with normal volume, .
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    Me, or better my wife, has the same problem.

    When making a video it record sound but very low volume.

    On my own Iphone4 there is no problem.

    Also we do not put our finger or cover on the microphone.


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    this is how you can fix it.