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I keep receiving a "No signal" message when trying to transfer video from my vcr to the mac mini using the Elgato video capture for mac program.
I know it is NOT the software because it works fine on my Windows XP Laptop. When I try to run the same software on the mac, i keep receiving this "no signal" error message. I have run all updates and performed disk repair. I also unplug all other usb devices before running the video transfer usb. am at my wits end!! please advise.

mac mini early 2009, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    According to Elgato, the software for Windows is not the same as what is provided for the Mac:
    If you are running Windows via virtualization and trying to run Power Director in that fashion on your Mac, it may not be able to connect to your external devices properly. You should run the Mac native capture software included with your Elgato capture device.
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    hi, thanks for response. No I'm not running virtual PC. I've installed the software directly on the mac mini and am running the Mac specific program. Does anyone know why I would keep receiving a NO SIGNAL problem?
  • angela19554 Level 1 Level 1
    HI, just wanted to leave a final post in case anyone else runs into the same problem. I've been tearing my hair out and spent many frustrating hours of research figuring out why this wasn't working.
    Finally after installing all Elgato updates, I plugged the video capture device back into the MAC one more time a week later. I received a notice that Elgato had another new update that worked out some of their "bugs." I ran the newest update and now the program is working fine on my Mac.
    Resolution: I'm not sure how hard technology companies have to work in keeping their products updated to match ever evolving computers but it would be a lot of help if their tech support would have responded 2 weeks ago to my ticket that they were aware of the issues and were working on updates to fix it.
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    I'm having Elgato Video capture problem. I absolutely have the current update, and am getting the "no signal" message. This should be a no brainer, but it isn't.
    Any thoughts?
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    ive been having the same problem, i have a macbook pro. the no connection makes no sense, as ive tried everything, it is connected but just isnt reaching the mac for some reason.

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    This interface and software is flakey.  Half the time it will not see the interface.  And you cannot use the interface with software that makes use of USB/firewire camera such as VJ software, web streaming software like Ustream, or video chat software.  You cannot record into it using iMovie.  You have to use the Egato software to record and then you can export that into iMovie.


    Spend the extra $70 (like I wish I had) and get a firewire compsite video/analog audio interface that can be used with all of these other apps, just as you can with a fireware camera, the Grass Valley ADVC55.