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I have a problem with the light sensor on my Iphone 4.
The brightness level is set to the middle and the auto brightness is switched on
When I step in from dark environment to bright environment light sensor works just perfect. After 1-2 sec my screen starts to glow brighter. But when I step back from light environment to dark environment nothing really happens. My screen stays very bright forever. The only thing that helps is to lock/unlock the phone. The moment I unlock the phone the light sensor works in both directions, so if I am in dark place my screen is automatically dark, if in bright place than the screen automatically bright.
What I want to say is that the light sensor working in REAL TIME only in one direction. This is very annoying. Some people say that this is normal, some don’t. Could you help me to determine if this is a malfunction or not.

Acer, Windows 7, non
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    To my knowledge this is normal behaviour. I've had the same thing happen on my 3G, 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPad. If it's not normal then I don't think it would happen on all those devices the same way.
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    Yes its the same on my phone as well.
    Yes it is normal, No it is not working as it should.
    Just because all the iphones have this problem, does not mean its working properly.
    There is something wrong with the code that controls the sensor.
    They need to fix this. But they probably wont because not enough people are complaining about it.
    Its a light sensor, not a when i feel like it sensor.
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    I can't belive that this problem is so old and it is still not solved. As far as I understand it is pure software bug. And the second thing that I cant understand is why this bug ****** me of so much while the rest of Iphone users are OK with that
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    Apple wanted the iPhone to control light this was since you can place you finger on the sensor while playing games or surfing the web or even sending a text message in landscape mode. Resulting with a dark screen which is hard to see in a bright area. So the iPhone only sets the brigtness upon unlock or moving to brighter areas on lock it so it won't disturb you.