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Anyone get this working?

I have address book server working just fine with address book mac clients, I just can't get the thunderbird clients to see the address book server directory.

In address book, I set up my clients like this:


I suspect it must need to be slightly different for thunderbird carddav users. Maybe apple implemented the carddav protocol slightly different than the open source standards.

ANY help would be appreciated.

Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    Hi tech_orders,

    In order to enable CardDAV, you need to configure your address book as a read-only addressbook. This should at least enable the contact search to work properly.
    If not, please fill a bug report here: http://sogo.nu/bugs/.

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    Thanks for the response.

    I have the address book set as read-write for some people, and read only for others. I did this as someone in the other thread mentioned. (Created a symlink for the RO users to point to the R/W address book)

    It feels like I might need to do the pathing differently in sogo vs. address book...unless, as you mentioned there is a bug.
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    I too am trying to get the AB server working with SOGO connector, see the following message from the AB Server log messages:

    2010-11-06 14:16:05+0000 [-] [carddav-8801] [PooledMemCacheProtocol,client] [twistedcaldav.method.put#error] MIME type MimeType('text', 'x-vcard', {'charset': 'utf-8'}) not allowed in address book collection

    I believe this indicates that SOGO connector is using an incompatible MIME type, but I am unaware of how to fix this or amend SOGO to correct the MIME type it is choosing. I would appreciate any help anyone is able to provide.

    On another note I have added my vote to see this functionality including in Thunderbird itself, by voting at the following bug:


    Regards to all,

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    There is a similar thread in Apple discussions

    Also there is a bug report in the sogo bug tracking center under
    They stated out that a solution is possible and will happen in the next time
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    sorry for bringing up an old thread, but this might be of interest to some of you:

    I just managed to get the MacOS X 10.6 addressbook server to work together with the Windows version of Thunderbird 3.1.7 by patching the Inverse SOGO Connector 3.104.

    As mentioned here the unpatched version of SOGO Connector does not support creating or modifying contacts on the PC. The reason is the improper handling of the x-vcard mine type by the addressbook server.

    The problem can be fixed by replacing the String x-vcard by vcard in file vcards.utils.js in line 984:

    request.put(vcard, "text/x-vcard; charset=utf-8");

    request.put(vcard, "text/vcard; charset=utf-8");

    Restart Thunderbird and you should be able to create and edit contact on the PC.

    Most Probably the patched version will still work with SOGo, but I didn't check this. I just assume it because other parts of the code are written to support "vcard" and "x-vcard" when sent from the server.

    This path does not fix the incompatiblity regarding lists. So you still can't save Thunderbird mailing lists on the addressbook server and you can't access lists creation on the mac address book application in Thunderbird. The reasin is that the mac applications do not use the x-vlist type, but store the list in vcard extended by a proprietary attribute. As far as I can see it would be possible to fix this, by replacing "x-vlist" by "vcard" at the proper locations in sync.addressbook.groupdav.js and adapting the functions list2vlist() and updateListFromVList() in vcards.utils.js. At present I do net need this. As long as Thunderbird dose not support dag-n-drop edition of the mailing lists I consider them to be useless (well more or less).

    See you
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    this works at least for new contacts. Thank you. But another bug? appeared. When you update contact through Thunderbird's Address Book and try to sync then address book server says:
    2011-02-20 15:25:27+0100 [-] [carddav-8801] [PooledMemCacheProtocol,client] [twistedcaldav.method.putaddressbookcommon#error] Cannot overwrite vcard resource <UUID>.vcf with different UID <differentUUID>
    and also updates from Address Book.app are not syncing to Thunderbird's Address Book after you update through Thunderbird and syncing is malfunctioning.

    I traced this and it seams that when you update contact through Mac Address Book.app it updates only X-ABUID: (apple custom parameter) and not UID: (required standard parameter) but Thunderbird does not know anything about X-ABUID: and it updates UID: instead (probably according to standard but did not check that).

    Seems to me that at least one side is not following standards or the "standard" is not foolproof in this.

    Do not know what to do next. Any help/solution/direction would be appreciated.

    Thank you.


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    Ok, after some additional "lame hacking" (I am not a coder myself) I was able to make it work at least when one person uses ONLY Thunderbird or ONLY Address Book.app for updates. I use Custom4 parameter in Thunderbird's Address Book for workaround.

    Only thing is that Thunderbird is not able to correctly discover a contact change/update through Address Book.app (new contacts work fine) but when you recreate remote Address Book in Thunderbird everything is ok.

    I made a note also to SOGO bug tracking system. You can find diff's there:

    Maybe somebody more able could tidy things up and maybe also solve the syncing issue (at least until official working update is out from whatever side).

    Have a nice day,

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    Yeah it is an old thread. But I searched now for four houres to find the right solution I want to share this!

    The newest thunderbird with the newest sogo plugin works with the ML addressbook server. Without changing anything.


    This is the right url for it:

    https://domain:8443/addressbooks/__uids__/2498567D-7D63-4D75-D4C4-5EE9FF31A9D1/a ddressbook/


    I hope I could save someone some of his/her lifetime. =)

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    Hi everybody,

    Alexri I want to thank You!!!

    I was running a 10.6.8 SLS and everything was ok with ab server, iCal server and Sogo connector.

    Few days ago I "jump" to OSX server 3.0.1 and I can confirm that AB server works with Sogo connector with alexri's URL and also with this one:




    My problem is: if I have one user for calendars and another one "specific" and different user only for addressbook will it work?

    The reason why I have created a separate user for addressbook, is beacause I need only one addressbook shared with all my collegues in the company.

    If anyone has the same problem and has got a solution let me know!


    thanks in advance