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    The previous post mentioned Mpeg Streamclip. This works great; wouldn't that do the job for you.  Here's the link.


  • Saundra Curry Level 1 Level 1

    Haven't read all the way through this thread, but I took a screen shot (shift-command-4) by sliding the scrub bar (I know...still HD 6 on my mind) until the image I wanted was in the viewer window. Result:

    Screen Shot 2012-02-23 at 3.04.14 PM.png

    Unfortunately, the photo is of something I don't want to share, so will not upload it. These specs may not meet your criteria, but may help someone else who doesn't need as high a quality. The photo was very acceptable for our needs.

  • Matt Ma Level 4 Level 4

    When I use "add freeze frame" within iMovie, and then export as image sequence, I get a 960x540 resolution image. The original footage from the camera is 1280x720. How can I get a still image that is 1280x720?

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    An iMovie 11 workaround:  hile watching video in full screen mode, hold down the sift and command key and hit "3" on the keyboard.   this creates a screenshot on your desktop

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    Hello RickTexasCowboy,

    Could you share with me the kind/brand of video cam you are using with your microscope & iMovie11?

    I am desparately trying to find out what video cameras for microscope oculars (usb) will work with iMovie11.

    I'm a biology teacher & want to connect directly from my Motic microscope video camera to iMovie to capture live video of pond macroinvertbrates.

    Is there such a resource as a listing of microscope video cameras that are recognised to capture live video in iMovie 11? Any help from anyone out there would be greatly appreciated.

    Regards from the coast of Maine


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    I ran into the same problem and after searching all over the internet I found no solution....


    But what you can do is place the coursor over the frame, right click and select add still frame to project.  Then I shortened the duration of the frame to 1s, highlight the share tab and click export (the normal export function) and export it in any size desired.  I then opened the saved movie in photo shop and saved it as a jpeg.  Bam! I now have a still frame or movie poster.


    Hope this helps!

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    In the event library window (where you have the original footage), you can click anywhere on the video (get the red line to where you want your still frame) and right click and scroll down to "Add Still Frame to Project". If you want the still frames saved to your computer instead of a project then the easiest and quickest way I found was: add all the still frames you want from your video to a new project, export project to Quicktime, open Quicktime video and take a screenshot of the image you want (Command + Shift + 4) and select/crop to the image.

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    Hello Egret,


    The option called Freeze Frame is availble in iMovie 11, Version 9. In the Project Browser, position the Playhead and either hold down the Control key and mouse click or position the Playhead and right-click depending upon the mouse being used. I know this sounds lame but if it isn't working, quit out of iMovie, then open iMovie again. You might want to gloss through the manual also:).

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    Here is how to get a still frame out of iMovie.

  • Bengt Wärleby Level 6 Level 6



    I think that the original answer to Why iMovie HD6 was discontinued was

    - That iMovie'08 to 11 was SO MUCH EASIER

    - it just took a few CLICKs to make a Movie !


    Doesn't this and all other problems PROVE APPLE TO BE SEVERELY WRONG !


    It never got any

    • Easier

    • More Pedagogic

    • More Logically



    Only more and more strange - and more and more cumbersome WORKs AROUND to get what was standard in

    • iMovie HD6

    • FinalCut Express

    • FinalCut Pro (Studio suite)

    and as a nail in the coffin

    • Discarding iDVD

    • Discarding DVD-Studio Pro


    Whatever is up with Apple ?


    Yours Loving the Old and Consumer Friendly Apple / Mac Where they made one more and more creative day bay day. Compared to slam one in the face from day to day as now is the New Apple trend.


    How I'd love the old gang to come back and set things right.


    Bengt W

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    AppleMan1958:  You do not need to access a third party app. iMovie already gives you the tool called Freeze Frame. Try it, you'll like it!

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    The original question of this thread refers to choosing a frame of video and converting it into a still frame that can be used in iPhoto, Aperture, or other photo apps. My method will do that.

    It is certainly also possible to Share/Export Using QuickTime as a still frame sequence, and produce 30 still per second, of which you can choose stills to import to iPhoto.


    If all you need to do is to take a video frame and use it in your movie, then the Freeze Frame works well, and I have used it many times.

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    Oops! I spoke out of turn again. I apologize AppleMan1958.

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    This was probbly asllready ansewred but this works for me....


    How To Save a Still Frame (as a JPEG photo) from i-movie 11 to keep as a photo or to use in I-DVD as a JPEG photo still

    (This works great)


    1. Add the video footage you want to turn into a still to the timeline
    2. Now fine-tune the cursor to the spot you want to save the still
    3. Now right click that portion of video
    4. Choose (Add freeze Frame)
    5. Repeat this process for the stills you want
    6. Go to share
    7. Export using QuickTime
    8. Save as: Name it
    9. Where; Desktop
    10. Export: mpeg 4
    11. Once on the desktop now open i-photo
    12. Go to file “import to library” find your photo and import it



    If you wish to use the photo in i-dvd for a still fast


    1.  (Keep i-photo open)

    2  Now open iDVD

    3. Choose your theme

    4. Now drag in your photo from i-photo to the i-DVD menu

    Note you can also drag the photo to the desktop and drag it in later if you wish. or just leave it i-photo to get later.

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    Worked a treat! Thank you! I already had MPEG Streamclip downloaded as I use it to deinterlace old VHS video when captured via ion video 2 go (following a tip from a good man in my local apple store) .. never thought to use it to screen grab though - so great advice! I am new to apple and although I love my MAC I am disappointed that I can not grab a jpeg from the video .. (although you can add a still to the movie you can not use it as a jpeg) and I was disappointed that you can not save a project to DVD .. apparently you can on older versions of the OS but iDVD was taken out of the version on my MAC.. ah well .. thank goodness for the forums .. I have just spent 45 minutes trying to sort this jpeg issue - should have searched here 40 minutes ago!  thanks again..