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How can I find the IP Address of a wireless IP camera which is connected wirelessly to a network device other than the main router?

Would Network Utility work and how would I use it?

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    Open Network Utility. The initial window displays devices by their connection device (en0, en1, etc.) If you can identify which device is your camera then select it and the IP address will be displayed. Otherwise click on the NetStat tab, select the topmost option, then click on the NetStat button. May take a little while for the info to be collected and displayed. You may then be able to identify the camera's connection information including the device ID that you can then use in the previous window to display the IP address.

    If your wireless connection is through your normal router then just open Network preferences, locate the connection port and select. The IP data will be displayed to the right of the port list.
  • Joe Cowley Level 3 (550 points)

    Many thanks for that - I found it through Netstat.