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I just purchased a MacBook Pro and am switching over from a PC running XP. I have several iOS devices that I plan on syncing with the new iTunes library on the MacBook. My ? is, is there a way to find the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch backup files on my PC and transfer them to my MacBook so I don't lose all of my app data (MobileMe takes care of the rest). I have found the backup folders but the folders have a 25 character name and it's even more difficult to find which file is the most current. Any ideas how to do this or suggestions for other options to help switch the iOS devices to the MacBook library?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    This will tell you where the files are.

    It will also tell you how to create a backup.

    The Apple store will move everything for you, or you can call Apple Support and they will help you.
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    If you need to use apple devices such as the iPhone or IPod touch, there is an app in the app store and I believe it is free now. It makes your IPhone act as an external hard drive so you can use it to back up and transfer your files. It's called "PhoneDisk"

    Also check out Dropbox, it's a website where you can upload your files from one machine and you can use them on any other machine.

    Hope that helps
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    I already have back up files created on the PC. However, i want to use the MacBook now as my new iTunes library. Once I connect to the new library my phone apps will be wiped correct? Forcing me to re-add all the content back on the phone. Or can I create a back up file on the MacBook after connecting the iPhone but before doing a sync? Maybe that's a solution if allowed...

    Otherwise, my original question, if I have a back up file saved on my PC is there a way for me to find the right back up file and then transfer that file to the MacBook? Then once I sync with the Macbook I could do a restore from backup and have all of my app data (ie game progress, etc).
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    Your contents won't be deleted from your iphone. You simply connect your iphone and on your itunes File > Import > you can import your playlist.

    To do so from your PC, you need to format your external hard drive and then add your PC contents.
    If you need help doing that, let me know