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Recently bought a new airport extreme and attempted to hook it up to my pc (a dell with windows xp). After setting it up, the green light turns on and shows up as normal status in airport utility, but when i try to access the internet on my pc it cannot and it says that there is limited or no connectivity. I also am unable to access the internet from my laptop either. I have tried rebooting the modem and the router among other things but nothing seems to be working. When i connect my modem directly to the pc, the internet works, so im pretty sure something is wrong with the airport, but i have no clue what to do now.
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    Do you have a cable modem?
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    yes it is a scientific atlanta cable modem
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    The modem needs a complete reset.

    Push the reset button on the modem if present
    Power it off
    Pull the battery if easily accessible

    Power down the rest of your network...all devices, order is not important

    Leave the modem off for at least 30 minutes. (Some ISPs will take even longer for their equipment to reset back at the main office.)

    Power up the modem alone and let it run by iself for 4-5 minutes
    Then power up the AirPort Exptreme and let it run for 4-5 minutes
    Then power up the rest of your network the same way, one device at a time

    Please report on your results

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