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Here's my situation.

I'd used iPhoto for years, but recently switched to using Aperture. When setting up Aperture, I "imported" the iPhoto library by electing to leave the photos in their current location (i.e. in the iPhoto library). Any photos I subsequently imported into Aperture were placed in the Aperture library.

With iLife '11 out, I'd now like to use iPhoto as my photo browsing program, since I like all the new features that Aperture is now lacking from a photo-viewing, book creation, etc standpoint. However, I prefer to use Aperture as my photo editing program.

In other words, I'd like to use Aperture to import photos from my camera and do any editing (which I tend to do on nearly every photo); when I want to view or share photos, I'd like to use iPhoto '11.

Is this possible to do?

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    when I want to view or share photos, I'd like to use iPhoto '11.

    In iPhoto: File -> Show Aperture Library and drag the images from the resulting window to iPhoto.

    This accesses your Aperture Previews. However, note that if you subsequently re-edit the photos in Aperture this will not be reflected in iPhoto.

    My 2 cents: Stick with Aperture. If there is something specific that you want an iPhoto template for, then bring over those photos for that job. What you're proposing is unnecessarily complex. Keep it simple stu...art!


    Aperture and iPhoto are entirely different applications that work in very different ways.

    The only communication between the two is as follows:

    Aperture is able to parse the iPhoto Library to allow it to import the contents while stacking the Originals and Modified versions, preserving metadata and so forth.

    Aperture can share its Previews with the iLife apps, including iPhoto.

    That's it.

    So, specifically, what interaction there is between the two is designed to facilitate migration from iPhoto to the more powerful app. After that, iPhoto has exactly the same relationship to the Aperture Library as, say, Pages or iMovie.

    iPhoto has no knowledge of, and knows nothing of how the Aperture Library works. It cannot read the Aperture library.

    If you want to go back to iPhoto, or want to share full sized files with iPhoto:

    1. Export all your Masters

    2. Export all your Versions

    You can write the metadata to the files on export - check out the Export presets. Note that you cannot export Faces. There is no convention for sharing Faces. The best you can do is use Faces as a basis for keywording.

    Import them into iPhoto. Note that there is no way to associate the masters with the versions in iPhoto, so you'll have apparent duplicates.


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    Thank you very much - that was most helpful.

    I didn't realize the two apps were so fundamentally different. I like Aperture's more professional editing tools, but iPhoto's more consumer-friendly viewing/sharing. Having said that, I'll stick with Aperture given that the former is more important than the latter...."
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    Argelius - I am like you. What do is import into iPhoto as my base. When I add photos, I update those from within Aperture, which you can do fairly easily.

    It has been said that iPhoto is a disaster waiting to happen. Well I do back up, and am happy with my choice to work like you do.... You just have to do a little up front when you add new photos to iPhoto... At least that works for me. I do my serious editing and printing from Aperture as well.
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    Terence, i just had to say your explanation of aperture and iphoto's relationship was so very impressive and appreciated. rare such detail and clarity. I also have to agree with it, especially others comments regarding iPhoto's stability. about 30k photos and it bugged on me all the time. couldnt wait to get Aperture. Only one problem i have, maybe you can shed light. I had to import my iPhoto library twice. first time went the distance but didnt complete. crashing after start up. Second time, app seems stable, but non of the contents of the albums and slideshows came thru. just the titled folders. events seem in tact, but not albums or slideshows. what up with that? mc
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    I use Aperture as my primary App but maintain a 30k library in iPhoto for comparison and to test the various issues that come up here. Iphoto is not "a disaster waiting to happen". I have found it to be solid and stable. I've used it since v1 and upgraded and migrated through all the iterations and about 10 different Macs. It has sailed on effortlessly.

    I'm not really sure what "bugged on me all the time" actually means. Can you explain. Other than that, isn't your other query about Aperture? The latest upgrade to Aperture (3.1.2) has several fixes for issues migrating from iPhoto.

    I'm not sure it's possible to move a slideshow from iPhoto to Aperture at all.