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Good Day,

I've been trying to solve this bugger for couple of days before posting here
Basically the subject says it all, but i'll provide some background.

during the last few weeks I've purchased many nice music software from the apple store, such as iShred and Smule Piano, PianoMan and FingerBeat and some other progs, I've figured it can be nice to record sound from every single app to a sound editing program on my laptop, such as soundforge for example, to basically create my own one-man-band production for the fun of it, but the problem is that I couldn't resolve how to do it, I am using Windows 7 on my laptop and I've tried to go through the sound settings as well as settings in several recording programs, mostly in SoundForge but I just couldn't find anything that would indicate a USB source, so I've tried them all in many variations but they all failed to deliver the result, I am able to record via my mic, or via any sound jack I have, I'm using IDT on my HP Pavilion DV5 if that info helps you.

Could somebody please help me out, I'll be glad to make a youtube video out of this later so that others can work it out cuz I'm sure a lot of people stumbled on that. *credits will of course be given to the original poster*

Thank you kindly.

Ipad 64GB WiFi, iPhone OS 3.1.2