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Can you access an iMac remotely from another computer and location if there is knowone to switch it on?

iMac 10.6.4, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    You can't switch it on remotely, no. Once it's powered on, if you have previously set up a VNC connection through your router, you could remotely access it.

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    As Matt mentioned it has to be powered on. There are numerous ways to remotely control a Mac. If both are on the same network simply use the share features. I regularly do this when I'm too lazy to get up from my desk to control another computer. Once the computers are set up they will be seen in Finder under "Shared" on the left. To take over the desktop of a remote computer simply click the computer under Shared, then click Share Screen and that's it.

    If you are remote, for example if you are away on a trip and you need to do something on the computer you don't have access to you can get a Logmein account (Google it) and log into the computer and take over the screen. This isn't fast however it does work. From time to time when I'm away I do this, if I have my MBP with me and need to get a file off my iMac at home I'll log in and put the file in my Dropbox Folder or email it to myself whichever is easiest.

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    Roger, I was interested in learning about this - your detailed answer brings up a concern: since my iMac would have to be on while I'm gone, wouldn't I need to be concerned a) about a possible power outage at home (even though I'm on a UPS) or, b) about "exposing" private and possibly sensitive information to cyberspace while it's being shared?
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    Both are legitimate concerns, I'll address each as best I can.

    As for the the power issue, well that's going to be the case with any computer. We have many choices, most of them impractical for example take your house off the grid, put in your own power source (solar or wind powered) which clearly for most of us is totally impractical. The next thing would be a backup-generator like a hospital or other mission critical facilities (police & fire houses) have. While this is more practical again it's stretching the limits again for most of us. So the next thing is a healthy battery back up system that can maintain power to a computer for several hours if necessary. While they are still expensive they are far less expensive than the first two solutions. Of course you can set the energy saver settings to power on your computer after the power comes back on if even the UPS battery goes dead. I haven't tried this remotely however I think it might work.

    Next is security, DropBox and Logmein both address this themselves so I would recommend looking into their solutions. Personally I find them trust worthy and don't have an issue. Even if you use MobileMe you would still have the same concerns, and how about Google, and all the other major players. To me Google while it's a vast resource and extremely helpful if for some reason they decided to become the Evil Empire they have far more access to your information that anything. Anytime you do a simple search they are collecting information about you. For example let's say you are looking for ATM's in a new city, they can capture your search and if they were evil enough they could track your every step. Is this far fetched and ridiculous, of course it is but it is possible. However this is the case with any Internet based computing, if you use some basic common sense for the most part your data is pretty secure. I'm much more nervous about the minimum wage clerk at Taco Bell taking my credit card information than Google, Apple, Logmein or Dropbox doing so.
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    thank you for that very informative reply. As for the first part, I think I'll stick with my UPS unless I win the lottery - oops, I forgot, I need to play first

    And cyberspace - I guess I am overly cautious; for that reason, I don't do Facebook or any other social networking site; I maintain several "junk" web based email addresses and the only correct information contained there is my last name (the remainder is generally a 93-or-so year old , no phone or home address) and my credit card companies do not even have my non-published number. Having been brought up in Germany, we look at privacy and security at a whole different level and literally recoil at a store clerk's request for a phone number or any other private information (for marketing purposes) while making a cash purchase. Having said all that, I will check into Logmein and Dropbox; possibly into Mobileme.

    Thank you again and have a great weekend!
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    Your welcome and I hope you have a good weekend too.