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    Same here. Using iTunes 10.1.1 (4), iPhoto 9.1.1 (527).
    A few Faces that are available in iPhoto are not shown in the Faces list of iTunes.
    The Faces that are not available in iTunes are also not available on Apple TV 2.
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    It is by no means a fix, but there appears to be a potential work around.

    I encountered this today, and I found if I deleted all the faces tags of the missing person shut down, iTunes and iPhoto, then restarted iPhoto back up and re tagged the person then they showed up in iTunes.

    If you only have a small amount of pictures to tag (I had less than 20) then its a patch that could help a little, though as there is no guarantees it will always work, it certainly isn't exactly something you can do for a large quantity of photos.

    I love iPhoto, but its buggy, faces in particular. I think it is something that really needs addressed by apple.
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    Same here.

    I discovered this when I tried showing pictures of my kids on my new Apple TV. I have tagged hundred of pictures of them; from as late as 5 years ago to current. So I started going through the list and found that neither of my kids, nor my wife or I show up in the list of Faces. Strangely enough people I've tagged once show up but not the most important people in my life.

    I have iPhoto 9.1.1, iTunes 10.1.1, and OS X 10.6.6.
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    I am having the same issue. Once I tag someone's face in a photo, the option to select their face library in both iTune's "Choose Photos to Share" and Apple TV is not possible. This happened when I added some new photos of my wife and tagged her face in iPhoto. Once I did this I was unable to select her "face" on Apple TV, even the old ones I had tagged. I replicated the issue with several other faces; once new tags are made, their entire face collection is removed from iTunes Library.

    iLife 11
    OS X - 10.6.6
    iTunes 10.1.2(17)
    Apple TV 2 - latest update as of 1/30/2011.
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    i have the exact same issue. the weird thing is that it started a few days ago out of nowwhere. i have everything up to date. not sure what to do about it. really annoying!
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    Hello...Yes, I am experiencing the same issue, with an added twist. After syncing my iPhone 3GS with my MacBook, the Faces appearing on my iPhone were missing over 20 faces, including my own. Those same missing faces were also missing in ITunes. In addition, the list of faces displayed on the iPhone were all in alaphebtical order, until it reached the end ("Z"), at which point a name with no face appeared in the list, and then the list continued on with another list of Faces in random order that were not included in the first part of the list. So, in this long list of faces began with an organized display of faces in alphabetical order followed by a list of faces in random sequence, and still over 20 faces were missing. I went for a one-to-one session today but no help on the issue. Suggested I format and re-sync. Not willing to do that at the moment. I did manage to fix the missing face which re-appeared with a re-sync, but many faces missing.
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    Since there seems to be a couple issues in this thread, my issue was I had a couple of my Names in iPhoto that did not appear in iTunes to be synced with my phone.

    So I just got off the phone with applecare. After being transferred around a bit, I spoke with a knowledgeable senior tech guy and we were able to fix this up.

    After booting into safe mode, he had me hose a few cache directories and the iphoto and iapps plist files.

    Booted back into normal mode and restarted iphoto/itunes. No dice.

    What ended up working was I renamed one of the names that was missing from itunes in iphoto. I retagged one of those photos with the original name. Quit and relaunched iphoto and itunes and boom that name appeared. I then dragged the "backed up" name and dropped it onto the newly tagged new name and merged the two. The new name now contains all of the previously-tagged photos for that name.

    Example: if one of my names was "Foo Bar", I renamed it to "Foo Bar backup", tagged one of those photos with "Foo Bar", and merged "Foo Bar backup" with "Foo Bar."

    The applecare gentleman was unsure of why exactly only a couple of my Names hadn't made it up to iPhoto '11 properly, but at least we figured it out.

    Hope this helps.
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    I have encounter the same problem that all of you had and i have found a painful solution but i got to say it have work since i tried and i havent had anymore issues. I have tried the erasing faces and adding them again but when i did i encounter an even serous bug that faces wouldnt work anymore.


    So here is what i did:


    Since i just got a new computer i decided to star over with everything but my pictures and music, but when i added the iphoto library, i had the same problem as before. so i erase the library completely of both iphoto and itunes. and then i created new libraries for everything and started all over. i think that since i use to have the old type of library - i have a mac since 2007, before movies and apps, itunes was having issues. since i created fresh new libraries everything has been working perfectly. granted its only two months but before whenever i fixed it the bugs would come out right after a day. hope this helps!

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    Great fix welchb, thanks

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    Hi there,

    I had the same problem. In iPhoto I renamed the revelant person in the faces overview screen selecting a name that was also in the address book which iPhoto recognizes. After this iTunes seems to find the person again and I can successfully sync.

    Simple solution to a long lasting problem...

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    APPLE! please fix this issue.


    Can you get your software engineers a morning to patch this bug in your software APIs


    Faces are not showing in ITunes 10.3.1 with snow Leopard and IPhoto 9.1.5




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    Had the same issue with faces.

    Try this, it worked for me:

    - select your device in iTunes and go to "Photos" section,

    - uncheck option "Sync Photos from",

    - then choose "Don't Remove Photos" and "Apply" changes,

    - exit iTunes (iTunes menu -> Quit iTunes) and re-launch it,

    - re-enable option "Sync Photos from" (all photos... or selected albums...), 

    - then "Apply" changes and wait for iTunes to finish sync.


    Now you should see missing faces on your device.



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    This worked well ! Thank you very much.

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    this worked for me:


    suppose face A is missing in itunes.  find a photo of A in iphoto, click on the face and name it B, creating a new face.  check in itunes to see if face B is there.  if B is also missing, you can try naming another until you get a new face that does appear in itunes.  the new face can now be synced.  next, merge all the faces of the same person into the one new face that works in itunes.  for example, if face B can be synced, drag face A on to face B in iphoto.  now you can rename the new face back to face A in iphoto, and face A should also appear in itunes.   

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    If none of the tips so far have worked for you, go to iPhoto, click the iPhoto menubar item and select "Empty iPhoto Trash".


    I had about 17,000 items in this trash, whatever it is, and once I emptied it all the faces appeared in iTunes.


    Just to be clear:


    1. Close iTunes
    2. Open iPhoto
    3. iPhoto > Clear iPhoto Trash
    4. Close iPhoto
    5. Open iTunes > check faces to be synced