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I had some mp4 files and I wanted to edit them in FCP. I used mpeg stream clip to convert them to pro-res and they looked fine. The raw file plays fine looks fine sounds fine. For some reason tho, when i open the files in FCP the audio starts in sync and by the end of the 15 min clip the audio is horrible out of sync with the video. This is driving me nuts, ive tried various file types using apple intermediate codec and pro res and everything ends up the same way. How can the raw file work fine but when its imported the video and audio are out of sync?
Any ideas?

Imac, Mac OS X (10.6.3)
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    In MPEG Streamclip, did the audio setting you choose to use match your FCP Sequence settings?

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    Thats a good point, Usually I thought FCP made your sequence settings automatically match the file?
    How do I check the audio sequence settings for FCP and what should i look for, like what specifically needs to match (so i know what to change for the mpeg stream clip export)
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    Another workaround could be (although silly), exporting your video to pro-res with compressor or mpeg stream and exporting your audio separately, say, with quicktime to AIFF. Splice these together in FCP and relink.
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    Do you have the most current version of Streamclip? I remember reading the the "bug fixes" something about audio issues with a previous version.

    Good luck.

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    Hi All, I'm running into a similar issue, with a twist. Clips are a series of profiles of people speaking, some with an edit in the middle. The audio/video are perfectly synced until the first edit. After that, they separate progressively, audio getting later and later. Here's the weird thing: when I "Open Clip in Editor," the clips open in Quick Time Player and the audio and video are perfectly synced. Codec is Apple ProRes 422. What I don't want to do is edit the sync, and create a .mov that will play *out of sync* in Quick Time. Any ideas at all about what the **** is happening? Thanks in advance.
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    I am having the same Problem, I am in the end of a post-production on my film. In Final Cut timeline my setting are set to 24p, I sent the project to Soundtrack Pro work on the full feature film, then exporter the mix down back to final cut. Every thing starts of fine but by the end of the film the audio has drifted off Sync by 60 sec. the film is duration is 1Hr and 44min. as far as the original clips it stays sync. But my mix from Soundtrack is not off sync in the wave view of the audio, but it is way off in my the sound coming out of my monitors. I even play both audio at the same time and even if the look in sync, my mix from soundtrack is way off.

    I look at all of my setting and make sure that they are all the same. I cant fine nothing. I even called the Apple help desk several time and I get nothing from them, “Try this…” “try that…” nothing works. Still to this day, 2 years and 7 month no one has call me back or send me an email. I have even begged a Apple pro service how to help me, nothing, “just wait until the next update”. I’ve re-done my audio mix in Pro-tools too; still the mix will drift off sync in final Cut even if the wave from looks like its synced. I have a million dollar investment that I can not sell, because this issue. I am now considering going to Avid.

    Please, Please let me know if anyone fine a solution..


    Sepulveda Films
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    There's another thread about a similar problem. He was able to fix it with a spend change of the mixed audio. Can't tell whether you need to speed up or slow down. You didn't say how it was out if sync.