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I have the following problem. my Ical doesn´t sync with exchange calendar any more. only syncs till june 2010. Iphone sync still works (with the same server address etc.) both ways. I deleted Ical and calender cache and created the exchange account from the start. but that did not help.

mac powerbook, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    You didn't mention it in either of your posts so I'll ask: what version is your Exchange Server? iCal in OSX only works with Exchange 2007 or 2010. Earlier versions of Exchange are not supported and I can confirm will sometimes have strange issues such as missing entries.
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    I seem to have a similar problem. When I first created my Exchange account, all my current events and to dos came across. Since then, it is not syncing with my new events. Not sure what to do or why this is not syncing.
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    Yes, I am having the same problem with iCal integration with exchange. I had my initial entries in for the exchange calendar and then it wouldn't sync (or go online). I have tried deleting the account and recreating it, but now I have lost all entries.

    When I create the account, it find the account (authenticates as far as I know as there are no errors), but then I can't get it to go online and there are no error messages.

    iPhone calendar integration with outlook works fine.

    What has changed? I can't figure this out. Addressbook also integrates with exchange fine and it goes online etc.

    Any help on this wold be great.
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    I'm having the same problem. All my Macs synced fine with the companys MS Exchange Server 2007 until the Mac OS X update was installed, which was released by Apple in mid Dec. 2010. The update was needed to support the new MobileMe calendar, which was also released by Apple at that time. Since this update all iCal installations on all of my Macs are not able to connect to the Exchange Server any more.

    The sync of Addressbook and Mail with the Exchange Server still works. So does the syncing of my iPad and iPhone with Mail, Addressbook and Calendar of the Exchange Server still works. Only the iCal of neither of my three Macs doesn't sync any more. Well the sync with me MobileMe calendar and my devices works perfect.

    I'm sure that the update is the cause of the sync issue with Exchange, because each of me Macs stopped syncing and showing the exclamation mark beside the Exchange Server account in iCal after updating the system with the MobileMe Patch. Clicking on the exclamation mark shows a message saying the at this time iCal is not possible to sync with the account. Looks the same as when there is no internet connection to the Exchange Server - only difference is, that there is a connection to it because Mail and Addressbook can access the Exchange Server.

    I've already tried to delete the Exchange Server account in iCal and set it up from the scratch. But this only deleted my old calendar entries I had form the time when the sync still worked.

    I hope someone from Apple reads this reply and has an answer to this problem. I was searching the Net since this problem accrued to me. I'm sure, that there is no system failure which causes the problem, because I have it on three Macs.

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    One client of me Had the exact same thing! I fixed it at least temporarly.

    This is how.

    I had the same account in outlook 2007 (PC) which was still complete. what i did was in outlook (PC) export all agenda events as icalendar format (make sure to set all events), then i selected all events and deleted them. after the agenda is completely blank. see if ical (OSX) syncs again without the triangle sign. then import the icalendar backup in outlook and behold it works once again. This way it gets problematic items out of the way. Still i am not sure how long this fix lasts and what is causing ical not to understand certain events. seems like a nasty bug in there.
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    I've the same issue. For some weeks now, iCal doesn't sync correct with the Exchange 2007 server from work (though my iPhone does, 2-ways!).
    I use a MacBook, iMac, and use several agenda's within MobileMe. That works great.
    All hardware have the latest updates/patches, except I didn't use the MobileMe update via www.me.com (to update to the newest Calender-options). I'm afraid this update will cause problems with my MM syncing (my girlfriend has a iPhone 3G). I think this 3G will not sync anymore 100% correct. At this moment it does, and I would like to keep it like that. My iPhone 4 works great. Also the communication with the work-Exchange 2007 is great. When I enter a new activity on my iPhone (ofcoure in the work-agenda) it will appear in the Exchange agenda (I check it using the web-app of the Exchange server). Also the other way around, works great. The only thing is... Both the iCal on my MacBook and the iCal on my iMac isn't correct (outdated). Especially the last weeks (maybe starting from 01-01-2011) there're a lot of appointments missing or incorrect. It looks like (but who will garantuee me?) that the older appointments are all there.

    It's odd, because my AdressBook and Mail app work like a charm (both on iMac and MacBook). The syncing across these machines is still good.

    Is the last mentioned solution still working??/
    Please let me know.

    Thanks in advance.

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    yes my method still works but keep in mind that ical is set to update changes after 15 minutes by default . so do an refresh if unsure. You can actually check if appointments some appointments are the problem by opening first the console (Applications/Utilities/console) leave it open and then open ical see if you get "skipping event …….. blaat"if so my remedy works. i hope it will help you out as well.
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    My problem is solved. I've deleted all recurring events (from today until 'forever'). That did the job!
    Now I've put the recurring events back, so a 'fresh' and new appointment which repeats every week. No problem.

    My gut feeling is that such recurring events (maybe) cause problems around New Year... Could be.

    I hope this answer helps someone.

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    I am still having trouble synching with exchange 2007 using iCal. It works fine on my iPhone. And Mail and address book on my Macbook Pro are connecting fine with Exchange 2007.

    I have read several discussion thread on this and people have attributed the problem to:
    1. recurring events (I don't have any)
    2. tasks (I have deleted all my tasks in exchange using an outlook client)
    3. timezone support (mmmm maybe, but I have unchecked this and it is still occurring)

    I am using a brand new MacBook pro (Mac OSx 10.6.6).

    Here is what my console message tells me:
    11-02-28 7:57:10 PM iCal[1813] error = Error Domain=CalExchangeErrorDomain Code=-11 UserInfo=0x115915280 "iCal can’t refresh events in the calendar “Calendar”."

    This doesn't mean anything to me. Does anyone know if Apple is working on a fix. I will log this issue now.

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    Hi spekkie,
    I've done the export-delete-import solution already. It didn't do anything in iCal. I don't think that the datastructure of the Exchange Server is the problem because the error messages I get point in the direction that the communication between iCal and Exchange. Especially that my problems showed up after the Mac OS X update regarding the new MobileMe Calendar. Keep in mind that I'm talking of the OS X software updates. I was able to reproduce the communication problem with all of my three Macs. Befor the update the sync worked, after the update iCal had problems to communicate with the Exchange Server.

    One thing I remembered about the setup of my companies Exchange is the following. When I setup another iPhone of a coworker for the Exchange Server, the iOS system message showed up telling me that the SSL-certificate could not be verified. The reason for that is, that we did install a normal signed SSL-certificate for normal web-access on our Exchange but not a special mobile devices SSL-certificate. Since all mobile devices can handle this (all but Windows Mobile), I didn't bother with buying the correct SSL-certificate. Maybe the OS X update restrikted the iCal access if the wrong certificate (in terms of "not Mobile Active Sync enabled") is presented by an Exchange Server (which opens the question why Mail and Adressbook still works).
    So my question to all other users is, who have the same problem, does your Exchange use a mobile devices supporting SSL-certificate? And the question to Apple Support is, could my suspicion Be right? Could I solve my problem with the correct type of SSL-certificate?

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    Tanks Spekkie for the solution of export calendar in exchange - deleting all events - import calendar in iCal: now all syncs fine!