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I've just installed iPhoto 6 from iPhoto 4. My problem is that when I view a slideshow of mixed aspect-ratio photos, iPhoto doesn't display all of them correctly.

With iPhoto 4, a slideshow would always aim to make the photo fit the screen as far as possible without distorting it or cropping it (unless you told it to scale or crop to fit the screen). By that, I mean that depending on the aspect-ratio of the photo, you might get black bars top and bottom or black bars left and right, but you would never get both (i.e the photo displayed smaller than was possible for a given screen). In other words, iPhoto 4 would always display the photos right to the edge of the screen either vertically or horizontally when viewing a slideshow.

iPhoto 6 doesn't seem to do this with the result that some (but not all) photos in slideshows are left hovering in the middle of the screen surrounded by black in every direction.

Is there any way to sort this?
If I Time Machine back to iPhoto 4, will it still work with the rest of iLife 6?

And lastly, on iPhoto 4, during a slideshow you could hit the space bar to pause a photo, but the music would carry on underneath. I found this to be quite a nice feature but iPhoto 6 pauses the music too.
Anyway to fix that one?

As ever, my thanks for any thoughts or advice.

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