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I downloaded the 64bit version if iTunes (itunes64setup.exe), and when I went to install it, it went through most of the installation procedure and it stated that I should "download the 64 bit version of the iTunes software" (which as I said before, I already did).

I did the "delete the temp folder" bit, and that did not help. I would like to be able to just update my iPhone from anything other than my Netbook. So what should I do. A nice set of "step by step" instructions would help.

I already searched the "Support" section, and I could not find ANYTHING on the 64 bit version of iTunes. So I followed every instruction on "problems with installing iTunes" that related to the 32 bit just to make sure.

So basically, the "64 bit software" is reading like it is the "32 bit software" and I have downloaded the software and re-downloaded it 3 more times. Same problem each time.

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