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After upgrading to iPhoto 11 I cannot import photos using the usual methods.
I have tried importing via ImageCapture app (my usual choice). When that did not work, I tried dragging the files from my camera media to iPhoto. When that did not work, I copied the files to my desktop and then tried dragging to iPhoto. When that did not work, I used the iPhoto command: Import to Library.

Nothing seems to work. No new pictures can be added to iPhoto via any method that worked previously. I have tried relaunching iPhoto, rebuilding iPhoto but the results are the same. No new photos or events...

Another weird anomaly is that my camera's CF memory card shows (0) photos in the iPhoto listing, but if I open it in finder or ImageBrowser, I can see all the files there ok.

Pretty weird. After backing up my iPhoto library, the install, upgrade and conversion to iPhoto 11 seemed to go fine. Only now, the library is pretty much unable to be added to.

Any ideas?

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