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Hi guys, yesterday I synced my ipad and my iphone3G S with my MacBook Pro, everything else is fine apart from you can't watch any youtube videos on the ipad when the ipad connects to the wifi network. however, you can watch the youtube videos when the ipad connects to the 3G net work; i haven't changed any sittings at all. For my iphone3G S it simply does't play any youtube videos at all. Does anyone know what the problem is and please help me!!! When they both don't play the youtube video the error message is "This movie could not be played."

Many thanks!!!

ipad 3G + WIFI
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    Have you reset your iPad:
    Press and hold the On/Off Sleep/Wake button and the Home
    Can you connect to the internet using Safari via wifi?
    button at the same time for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.
    Have you reset network settings (Settings>General>Reset
    Have your rebooted your router
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    Thanks so much for your reply! I have tired to reset my iPad. My Internet works very well via my wifi on my iPad, same as my iPhone. I have also rest the network sitting on my iPad too. I thought it might be my router, so I went to my friend's place used him wifi. However YouTube still doesn't work via the wifi, it keeps saying this video can not be played. YouTube works fine on my iPad via the 3G network. I'm start thinking it might be something wrong with my iPad?
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    Next step would be a restore from backup.
    Final would restore to factory new and see if it works with nothing else installed.
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    Make sure your time and date is correct.
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    Are you sure that the actual YouTube video is watchable,, ie HTML 5?
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    I had the same problem recently with YouTube working with WIFI but not on 3G (Verizon Mifi200 3G Mobile Hotspot). I finally figured out that on the NETWORK Settings Properties Page, The HTTP Proxy must be set to 'AUTO'. Mine was turned off after my OS Update. Put it back to AUTO..... All good now,,,,,
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    I had the same problem my newly purchased iPad does not play YouTube . The problem is with the Internet setting which can easily be fixed as following:

    1- go to Settings

    2- select WiFi on the left column

    3- click the arrow button (>) next to the connected Internet

    4- from the drop down menu go to DNS and delete the numbers for DNS

    5- insert these set of numbers exactly the way it's shown here ","

    6- click the Home button. 

    7- your iPad should be playing YouTube now!

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    My ipad2 youtube app has also stopped working and the device also won't play linked youtube videos from internet searches. I've tried every reset and other step available to no effect, after hours of consulting discussion forums, etc.

    Perhaps If I turn a triple somersault while humming the Star Spangled Banner backwards, that will work.

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