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1. Why can't I delete photos directly from Photos in my iPad?
2. Is there a way to reset iPad to get rid of photos only without loosing other info?
3. Why does iPad have to be connected to the computer and photos ave to be deleted from iPhoto in order to delete them from the iPad when it is so simple to delete in iPhone, for example?

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    1. You can delete photos right from the iPad. Open the photo you want to delete (tap on its thumbnail). There is a trash icon on the upper right of the screen, tap on it.

    (I'm not sure if this works with all photos, though. It works with the ones I saved from emails, but I have not downloaded photos from my computer or my camera to the iPad, sorry.)

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    Thanks. I meant photos downloaded from the computer, in my case a MacBook.
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    No. You can only delete photos from the iPad that your directly imported (e.g., via camera connection kit, mail attachments, screen shots). Synced photos can only be deleted deleting them from the syncing folder on the the computer and syncing.
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    I recently up-loaded photos to iPad with camera and also have photos down-loaded from iMac. Would be nice to identify which can be deleted and which can not using the delete button. The button appears regardless of how the photo got there.
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    ¿Did you get an answer to your question? I downloaded photos from a PC to the Ipad and I want to delete some, but I can't. It seems that the only way is to delete the photos from the PC and sync it with the Ipad, but I don't want to delete the photos from the PC.
    ¿Did you find any other way?
    Lourdes R.
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    You need to un-select the photos you previously selected to sync to your iPad through iTunes (photo) tab, when (iPad) device is selected, then click on (apply). The photos should now be gone on the iPad, after the sync is finished.
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    Really annoying that you cannot delete seperate fotos on iPad. @Apple: fix it!




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    I am New to the iPad.  Syn my iPad to my computer all the photos on my computer downloaded to my iPad.    When I go to photos on the iPad  & view all photos.  Check mark the photo to delete.    Click on delete & nothen happens.     How do I delete photos.    What am I doing wrong

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    As a previous poster mentioned you can only delete the photos in the Camera Roll on your iPad. To delete the other album you need to uncheck the album in iTunes and resync. They will then be deleted on your iPad. To delete individual photos from an album move the photo out of the album in iPhoto or out of the folder where it is stored on a pc. Then resync your iPad.

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    Re: Deleting photos from iPad

    Apr 4, 2010 2:41 PM (in response to yimmortal)

    For both devices - plug them into the computer.


    You will see them listed in Device under the Store Tab on the left in iTunes


    Across the top you will see various tabs under the display in iTunes.


    There is Summary, Info, Apps, Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcast, ITunes U, Books and Photos (for iPad, similar for iPod)


    Check Synch Photos from iPhoto in Photos Tab and the radio button for selected Albums and Events


    Check the Albums and/or Events you want


    The press Synch on the lower right.


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    check on my response below from Loisvr