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I am trying to combine 2 projects in iMovie, I use the select all and it only grabs the video and transitions, it does not grab the text I have added

iMac 24" 2.66Ghz 4 GB ram, Mac OS X (10.6.4), Timecapsule, 4 iPods
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    Same problem here. Very annoying.
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    Complete your edits on one of the projects, then export that project. Re-import to an Event. Now you can drag that Event into the other project, thus combining projects. When exporting, it's preferable to use Share>Export using QuickTime>Movie to QuickTime Movie. Under Options, select Video Settings as Apple Intermediate Codec and use the Current dimensions of the project.

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    Makes sense. I'll give it a shot. Thank goodness I've got plenty of drive space for this.

    Thanks, John!
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    I know its been some time since you posted this but I too was having this issue and came upon your response/solution...and I'm so happy I did!


    I am one who doesn't give up easily and I know I would have been sitting here for hours until I figured the problem out.


    Exporting the project to something as simple as my desktop, and then importing it to the second project I wanted to merge it, with worked like a charm!



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    If Apple is listening out there, this is a 'Hack' not a solution. A bad hack at that. There should be a feature to combine projects, or copy contents of an entire project with audio, and paste it into another project.

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    Would this not result in loss of quality on the second section? Basically you're exporting one project, putting that into another project but then eventually you'll export the combined projects (one project, one MOV). I would think exporting something a second time would result in loss of quality. Like making a photocopy of a photocopy.