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I have an iPhone 4 which I successfully sync with iTunes on Computer A using my personal apple ID / iTunes account.
My husband has an iPad which he successfully syncs with iTunes on Computer B using his personal apple ID / iTunes account.
We are disposing of computer B. We would like to sync the iPad with Computer A and consolidate the library. I am struggling to see how to do this:
We have authorised computer A for my husband's apple ID, connected the iPad and selected 'transfer all purchases' onto Computer A, but this clearly has not worked (these purchases are almost exclusively Apps from the App store).
When I tried syncing the iPad I had a message that this would delete all content from the iPad - clearly not want I wanted to do.
I sense I am misunderstanding something basic, but would REALLY appreciate assistance.
Thanks, Jill

iPhone 4 / iPad / Windows Vista PC, iOS 4