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I just upgraded to an iPhone 4 and am giving my old iPhone 3g to a family member. I found the articles on restoring the old phone as a new device but I also want to keep some existing content on the phone. Both phones will sync through the same iTunes account. Is this possible and how do you do it.

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    You can sync as many iphones as you like to one computer. If you are syncing both iphones to the same computer, then just plug it in and select what you want to sync.
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    You can sync as many devices as you want to the same itunes account, there is no limit. You can have the same content on each device or different content, the choice is yours. iTunes will keep everything straight, by device, upon subsequent syncs. So, restore the phone as new & then sync whatever content you want on the phone.
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    Thanks for the responses. Being an Apple product, I should have known that this should be an easy process. I synced the phone through iTunes without a hitch selecting only the content that I wanted on this phone. Everything seems to be up and running just fine.