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Basically i have updated all my operating systems and also update itune 9.2

As i cannot get itunes 10 without OS X 10.5 +

It seems my new iphone 4 does not like this and keeps asking fro software i do not have or is not available to me without purchasing...

Can anyone help here as it seems a bit of a con that i would have to buy newer software for my mac mini when all i use it for is my iphones...



Mac Mini, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Printed on the box as well as Apple's web site, notice it says minimum requirements, not options:

    Mac system requirements
    * Mac computer with USB 2.0 port
    * Mac OS X v10.5.8 or later
    * iTunes 9.2 or later (free download from www.itunes.com/download)
    * iTunes Store account
    * Internet access

    If you want to use your iphone 4 with your computer, you have no choice but to update.
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    Ok, so when you mean update you mean to purchase the newer OS X software?

    As i have updated everything i can... infact on an hourly basis i was checking for newer OS...

    So OS X 10.4.11 is not good enough for the iphone 4 then?
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    Ok so...

    If i was to purchase Snow Leopard...

    For my mac mini that is 3 years old with OSX 10.4.11 would it all work or do i have to purchase additional stuff on top of this...

    Thanks for your help.
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    If you have an Intel mac with at least 1GB of memory(2GB's recommended) & enough free hard drive space(5GB), you can go straight to Snow Leopard. The $29 upgrade disk will work & install a full copy of Snow Leopard. You do not need the box set unless you want iLife, etc.
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    Thank you very much appreciated!!
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    You're welcome.