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Dear All,

I have been using my new iphone 4 for more than 1 month without any problems at all. Since Saturday morning, though, I have been experiencing this issue: my iphone does not rotate its screen anymore, basically the display does not go into landscape mode anymore. This issue happens with any application (pictures, safari, or ipod).
I would like to let you know that I tried the following:

1)Turning off and on my iphone several times
2)"Reset All Settings" from the Settings>General>Reset menu
3)Checking the “rotation lock” button and it is off (unlocked)
4)Testing the calculator application and only the standard calculator will appear, by rotating the iphone to landscape mode the scientific calculator will not appear.

I am thinking the accelerometer might be broken. By the way, it has never fallen to ground or anything similar.

I would appreciate if someone could help me out as I am very struggling with it!

Many thanks in advance for your help and assistance.

Kind regards,


HP, Windows Vista
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