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Hi. I have a problem with my iphone 4.
I finished my contract with AT&T so my Sim card doesn't work anymore. When I did the update for 4.1 I couldn't activate my iphone 4 because it asks me for a sim card.

I would like to know how to do it, do i have to take it to apple store or what are my options??.. thank you

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    The iPhone can "activate" again when the last SIM that was used in it is still in it (even if not valid on the cell network anymore).
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    wow, thanks for your help but..i don't have the sim card anymore =[
    I took it out and throw it away cause i thought it would cause some issues or something.
    can i use any other sim card or something? can apple store give me a blank sim card??
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    Sorry you tossed it out. I know they should make it more clear about process to use the phone as iPod Touch after wards (though info is posted online in support documents).

    With that said, no Apple has nothing to do with the SIM card, cell carriers do. You can contact AT&T and see if they offer a SIM card with no account info for use, but believe it has to be the SIM card used with last activation since any other SIM card cannot really be used to contact out, but I could be wrong on that one.
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    I can't believe i tossed it away ugghhh..

    well thank you very much for your help and super fast responses..

    I guess now it's up to me..

    Thank you