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I cannot find my photos or videos in iTunes. Please let me know, in detail, where to find my videos & photos, as I want them downloaded onto my computer, and they're not in iTunes, so not sure how else to accomplish this. Thanks!

4G, Windows XP
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    iTunes doesn't sync off photos or video. The camera roll shows up as any digital camera would so you take them off via the Camera Wizard that should be popping up when you connect (unless you told it not to). Otherwise you browse to it like a hard drive and take them off manually.

    This info is in the manual. http://manuals.info.apple.com/en/iphoneuserguide.pdf
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    I, and others, gave him this information to him yesterday and he was very rude.

    So much so that his entire thread(s) was removed.

    He went so far as to ask that I no longer respond to his posts.

    This is all that remains of the many threads/posts by this person:

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    Thanks. I don't have any software that pops up to download when I plug in my phone to the computer. I guess I'll just call Apple. Thanks again and have a great day!
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    Must of told it not too the first time it asked.

    Do you not see the iPhone listed as a Camera/Scanner under My Computer when you connect it?

    If you do, just double click it and browse into it.

    If you don't see that let us know.

    Also, if you DO see it show up, you can right click on it in My Computer and choose properties, in there there will be a tab named "Events" or something like that. Go there and you will see list of options to take when plugged in and you can tell it to bring up the Camera Wizard if you care to use a Wizard instead of just copying files yourself.