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Hi, i just wanted to know why you think that my hard drive failed 4 times within this year.... and i feel like this hard drive is going too....

called applecare, the first guy wanted to replace my machine but i currently wasnt having any problem so NO... last night it crashed, called my genius friend.. he told me to install the machine in a certain way and it turned on..... but i know that this drive is getting messed up as well....
i can say this because it has been clicking lately, plus yesterday it froze up on me twice, and last night crashed... tried to reinstall SL but this AM it said i had -1986 hours remaining... so i did it again and it started -1, -10, -20 so i stopped and called my friend.... now SL is back on.... but i know something isnt cool with it...

so your suggestions would be appreciated...

15" Unibody MBP 5.1 + 4GB of RAM + 2.8Ghz W 320GB, iPhone 4, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    Take up the matter with AppleCare or your local service center. This is not really a problem we can help you with. You need to work it out with AppleCare and service center.
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    I agree with Kappy. If you're still on warranty, let AppleCare take care of it. And if they want to replace your MBP, I certainly wouldn't complain.
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    Consider this fact, hard drives on notebooks have now trillions of individual points to read and write from. That's more complicated by part than the Space Shuttle.
    It would be remarkable to not have some failure points. The more you risk, the more the chance of failure. Even with sudden motion sensor, you don't yet have a true inertial damper from Star Trek. So my rule of thumb, shut down your computer before transporting it anywhere to extend the life of the hard drive. Of course don't bump or drop it, without enough padding that absorbs the blow in whatever is transporting it. Your future hard drive or computer should have the computer proected like this.
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    ok... i understand that was a bit of a strange question that you guys couldnt really answer...
    FYI, apple replaced my computer with a 6.1 (the mid 2010 model)!!!!

    do any of you have this model by ne chance?
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    No, I just have a 2007 and 2009.
    Neither has given me much trouble, though the 2007 did have the 8600m graphics chip issue. Now I'm finding it may have a battery expansion issue that I'm just not going to deal with. Thank goodness I got my iPad.