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  • imagine engine Level 2 Level 2 (235 points)
    Apple iTunes Support got back to me yesterday stating they believe it's an issue with MobileMe and not iTunes. I have been bounced to MobileMe support who I'm waiting on a response. In my case I can sign into iTunes with my own account (main MobileMe address in family pack) but I can't get iTunes to accept the sub-accounts used by my family members. Each time it ask to review and confirm their account information but then pops up a window stating "your request cannot be processed at this time. Please try again later". Their iPhone 4 which they'll open for Christmas tomorrow will work to make calls but they won't be able to download anything from the iTunes music app or from the App Store app. This in essence makes both iPhone 4 regular cellphones instead of smartphones. As a long time Apple customer who uses their products for both business and personal use I'm not impressed.
  • DonnyGT3 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I can't seem to access the itunes store in any form on itunes since I downloaded this morning. My internet connection is perfectly fine, but all it is "iTunes Store" on the screen and it shows the loading bar, but no progress. I had no problem with this in the previous version, but for some reason, it refuses to open up.
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    would this have something to do with all this?? im very annoyed right now
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    I received a new Ipod Touch Model MC544LL for Christmas. Itunes Version would not allow it to sync so I upgraded cautiously to Before upgrading I uninstalled ITunes, Quicktime Player, Apple Mobile Device Support, and Bonjour as recommended by Apple. Further I deleted all Apple and Itunes files and folders EXCEPT those in the "My Music" folder. I cleaned the registry using Easy Cleaner and then rebooted and installed I think Apple finally cured their store access issue with this version of Itunes. About time!!! Further it now automatically ejects my Ipods after each sync as it formally did. The only thing it did not cure was syncing all my podcasts to my old Ipod Classic but it does sync all of them to the new Ipod Touch. I think the issue is the Classic does not support HD podcasts. The new version of Itunes asks if you want to only use the SD versions of podcasts and my guess that is the reason they are asking that question. I don't know whether all the producers of the podcasts provide both video versions.

    The Ipod Touch is really nice. I would have got that thing years ago if I had understood everything it will do. Like a mini Ipad.
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    I can't even down load the latest version version. I think my operating system is too old, I don;t even know what have. All I know is I got my MacBook Pro in 2007. And I just got an iPad and trying to connect to iTunes and it's saying:

    We could not complete your iTunes store request. iTunes Store is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. It's already been over 24 hours.
  • imagine engine Level 2 Level 2 (235 points)
    I figured out a work around which finally allowed iTunes to accept the MobileMe family sub-accounts. These are the steps I took.

    1. Log into MobileMe using the main MobileMe address.
    2. Delete each sub-account in MobileMe.
    3. When setting up the same sub-account in MobileMe ensure to choose the option to recover the email address. DOB is to be the DOB of each user, not the main account user.
    4. Sign in each user sub-account in iTunes. When it ask you to review enter the credentials of each user (DOB, App Store gift card or credit card, billing address, telephone number).
    5. You should see a confirmation page displayed in iTunes indicating the sub-account is now registered in iTunes.

    The error I previously had seen in iTunes appears to only impact sub-accounts in the MobileMe family pack. iTunes and MobileMe are not communicating the information properly to each other causing the error "Your request is temporarily unable to be processed, Please try again later". This is seen when clicking confirm on the billing page in iTunes when it ask the user to review their information after signing into iTunes. Previous to deleting the sub-accounts in MobileMe then recovering them I would get this error in iTunes no matter if I used the user credentials or my own.
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    Here's my problem.

    I was using iTunes 10. I've always updated my iTunes whenever there was an update, but frankly, I got tired of iTunes always being so **** slow. So I downgraded to iTunes 7.

    Ever since I've uninstalled everything from iTunes 10 + QuickTime, I haven't been able to connect to the store at all. I've installed Kaspersky Internet Security 2011, couldn't connect. I've shut Kaspersky down, still didn't connect.

    So in iTunes I did the Diagnostic Tests and everything passed, no problems at all. I've done the flushDNS command which completed, still won't connect. I keep getting the same error message:

    "The iTunes store is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later."

    And I've contacted Apple and all they've said to do was post here. So can anyone help me?
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    I was...but I just ignored the "can't access itunes store" message and put what I wanted in the search box anyway....and I was in!!
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    I was having this issue and posted early on in this thread. I say was because during this my computer blew up and when I got my new one and installed iTunes (v10 vs v8 on the old 'puter) iTunes store works just fine. Still getting used to v10 and since it's a different computer who knows if it would have solved it on the old one but moving to the current iTunes worked.
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    How on Earth did you get Tech Support on the phone!?! I am currently in a very slow email correspondence with Tech Support, and I can't seem to make them understand my problem. I want to call a real person and talk to them. Where is the number? Thx!!
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    Support at Apple does not mean "Tech Support". These chat people at Apple are useless for tech matters. They simply send you templet solutions that do not solve your problem most of the time. They would save themselves a lot of heartburn if they would answer some of the questions on this forum. I got more answers on other forums. Installing ITunes solved most of my issues mentioned earlier but I don't think Apple will ever admit they had problems with their previous ITunes versions. You should not have pay for a phone call to solve these problems. They have beautifully designed products BUT their support is really bad. Took two months to solve this problem for me. ITunes 10.1.0 54 had the problem.
  • kristee Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I am also very annoyed with my itunes. I never had this problem with the older version of itunes. Now the itunes store never loads and it says that I'm not connected to the internet yet I am. I have tried emailing the support for itunes and they are pretty much useless. I had already tried the suggestions in the support area and the person who responded from Itunes pretty much just copied and pasted the article. I have all these itune gift cards and I want to update my ipod. If anyone figures out how to fix this problem please post it
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    I finally updated to iTunes 10 and that resolved the problem!

    I am now able to access the Store by choosing "iTunes Store" from the menu and so far, everything is working okay.

    For those interested, there are some changes with iTunes 10... I did find that I am not able to right-click on an individual song and choose to copy it to my iPod - I now have to click on the song, go to File, then copy and paste the song into the iPod section if I want to just copy a song or two.

    Other than that, the basic interface of iTunes is the same, although a bit lighter grey in color. The store layout has changed, but it's still fairly easy to use.

    I was also concerned that the songs I had in my iTunes version 8 library would not transfer over to iTunes 10 - they did in fact transfer!

    So for those getting the error message I posted about originally, you may want to try updating.
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    My setup is Mac Mini, OS X 10.6.6 iTunes 10.1.1 (4)
    My internet connection is fine, I am posting here after all, and my wife is on a VoIP call too. I can browse the store, play previews of videos and songs, but cant sign in to download anything. Just tells me to check my internet connection, as if there could never be a problem at Apple. Oh well, just downloaded elsewhere instead. Your loss Apple.
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    This workaround worked for me.
    I am getting the same error as the rest of you now for the last 6 months and find i can access the Itunes Store by simply clicking on the Podcasts link, under Library on the left hand toolbar. This presents me a black page but no error. Then i click the Podcasts Directory link at the bottom right, and the Store homepage loads up.
    If it helps i am running Itunes version 8.2.20.
    Hope it helps.
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