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Hi all, sorry if this sounds familiar, just want to check I've done everything.

Essentially, I'm attempting to connect the DVI (NOT Mini-DVI) output on my MacBook Pro 2,2 to the HDMI port (labelled HDMI2/DVI) input on my Samsung TV using this cable: http://tinyurl.com/37cfcum

Instead of becoming a second/mirrored display, the MacBook briefly looks as though it is attempting to connect (flash from blue), then nothing. TV displays "No Signal", and on the MacBook, System Preferences > Display gives the settings as if no external monitor were connected, and System Profiler > Hardware > Graphics/Displays > Display Connector indicates "No Display Connected".

Macbook connects fine using a DVI to VGA cable to an external 15'' Samsung LCD monitor, using either mirror or dual display.

I've tried the TV's other HDMI port, only to the exact same result.

I've also attempted using a DVI to HDMI adapter instead, similar to this: http://tinyurl.com/353ua4e and using a standard HDMI to HDMI cable from there to the TV, only to get the exact same result. The HDMI cable works brilliantly with the Xbox 360, which is direct HDMI-HDMI.

I've updated the TV to its latest firmware, and have sent off for Snow Leopard in the hope that something might change to help, but I'm not expecting miracles.

I'd really appreciate if anyone could make a suggestion for something I might be missing? I'm really new to the world of Macs, and although I'm enjoying it so far, from what I've heard so far, MacBooks hate HDMI and Samsung TVs

If it's any help, the TV is a Samsung Plasma 40'', model PS42B430, manuf. September 09.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Edit: I'm basically looking to watch high definition TV/Movies; would much prefer not to go down the S-video or Composite route if possible!

MacBook Pro 15", MacBookPro2,2, Mac OS X (10.5.8), 2 GB RAM, 2.33 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo
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    I suspect an incompatibility with the HDMI anti-copy protocols. Try the DVI-I to SVGA. I know it's analog, but it's surprisingly good. I use that on my 40 inch Samsung LCD. I have NOT tried the DVI to HDMI route myself.
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    Thanks Louie - it seems painful not to use HDMI, I've never really understood Apple's logic behind the anti-copy stuff they've done in the past but I think you're right, it's probably that

    Regarding SVGA, connection-wise do you mean DVI->VGA->TV? My TV doesn't have a VGA input port Could I go DVI->VGA->HDMI->TV or DVI->VGA->Component->TV? There's S-video or composite, but I'd prefer to avoid if poss... what do you think?
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    Interestingly (or perhaps not), this TV in particular does have HDCP support. I guess this might have something to do with it? Hopefully I should get a chance to try this setup out with another HDTV at work tomorrow.
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    If you do not have a PC (D-Sub/SVGA) input, I would try to convert your DVI-I (which has an analog section on its pins) to Component. I would think the most likely adapter would utilise the Apple DVI-I to SVGA adapter (I received one with my MBP) and convert SVGA to component. I do not know offhand of a specific product.

    S-Video or Composite won't give a high-definition picture.