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Hello, My iPad will NOT respond. I have tried resetting it, plugging it into the computer, charging it, EVERYTHING! And yet, it still will not do anything. I am seriously worried...

I was laying on my bed, and I was going to play COD: Zombies on my iPad. Well, there was no audio, so I decided to reset it. I have reset it before and the audio returns to the App. While I held the home and power button, a bar came up, that said something like: turn off/shutdown. I thought, "Aw, what the heck" and I slid it. The ipad turned off. I help down the buttons again to reset it, and there was no response.

It's been 4 days without my iPad. I can't stand on/off relationships;)

PC :/, Windows 7
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    What did Apple Support tell you when you contacted them?
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    what happens when you plug it in and start up itunes? could be in drf mode i suppose...possibly recovery mode...
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    I haven't contacted Apple Support yet, and I'm hoping there is a way to conteact them through Email.

    My iPad WILL NOT connect to the computer. There is no response from the iPad or computer. The computer won't even tell me that the iPad is connected.
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    Let's get really clear on what you did...you held the power and home buttons until you got the red power slider, then moved the slider to power down the unit. Then you tried to turn it on by holding the power and home buttons down?

    To turn it back on, just hold the power button, not both buttons, until you get the black screen with the silver Apple logo in the center. Let the system come back on before you do anything.
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    Same happened to me and a few other people I can see here( iPad just died randomly).
    I'm going to the Apple store today so let's hope its not actually /dead/... ... ...
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    That is a good solution when an Apple store is handy...they can run tests to also diagnose problems.
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    Thank you for that. I actually don't think that the power has to do with it. It had around 87% battery life when "it" happened.

    Also, Let me tell the Full and Complete story.

    I have the game COD: Zombies on my iPad. Unless I go to the home screen of the game before closing the app, the next time I start up the app, it will freeze when I start to play. There is also no audio.
    I was going to play COD: Zombies, and I started up the app. The game had no audio, and I knew I had to reset it. (Resetting the iPad has always fixed the audio and freeze problems before) I held the Power and Home buttons. A little bit afterward, the red slider bar came down. I said, "Aw, what tha heck." and I slid the bar. The iPad shut off. I then attempted to reset it(again). I held the reset buttons for the required time, in order for it to reset. I set it down and answered a text message(SMS). I grabbed the iPad, and the next thing I knew, it wouldn't respond to anything at all. Thank you all for your help. I have sent my iPad away to get fixed
    When it comes back, it will hopefully be fixed, and I will post the solution up on this thread. Thank you all, again, for your time.