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Four times now I have left my iPhone 4 in the car for max. 1.5 hours while going and shopping, for a meeting, etc. and I have come back to have it be off. (I never turn my phone off.) I'd try to turn it back on but it wouldn't come on. After about 20 minutes of warming it up (between my hands) I could reboot it by pressing the front and top buttons at the same time.

The only commonality between these 4 specific times and all the dozens of other times I left my phone in car was that on these four days it was cold outside (like 4-9 degrees celsius).

I called iSupport and was told it was because of my software being out of date, so we updated it. Then it happened again and I was told to go to the store for an appointment. At the store he tried to convince me it was normal and I'd just have to keep it in my pocket for the winter.

Has anyone else experienced this? It this normal or is Apple feeding me a bit of BS?


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