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Hey guys, I am wondering what the small padlock on my lockscreen is, it's directly in the center and it has no arrow around it. The padlock is in the locked position and it has only been that way since I have had trouble turning my keyboard sideways. It used to be unlocked but now it's locked!! Can anyone help me??

iPhone 3G, iOS 4
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    That padlock icon on the top of the lock screen is supposed to be there whenever the phone is locked. It's seen with the lock screen, emergency dialing screen, and Voice Control screen (if enabled in settings for locked phone dialing).

    IPhones have NEVER had an "unlocked" padlock icon on any screen. When the phone is unlocked, the padlock icon is replaced by the time.

    Has you phone ever been jailbroken or hacked?
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    Yea, my iPhone was jailbroken before I upgraded to iOS 4, it was in an unlocked state then, so thens for answering that for me. But if thats not the problem with my keyboard, then why won't it turn sideways?? All the other apps that require tilting and turning work fine but I can't turn my keyboard sideways of a video sideways. And since I have the iPhone 3G there is no rotation lock feature, any ideas?
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    Have you done the basic troubleshooting steps ( page 242 of the User Guide)?

    Reset phone
    Restore in iTunes using a backup
    Restore in iTunes as a new iPhone, without using a backup

    If the last step doesn't help, there is hardware damage or permanent damage from jailbreaking.
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    I raninto this problem before when it was jailbroken, and the reason was is certain apps I installed from cydia used the processor a lot, which made the phone slow and then when I went to turn the keyboard sideways it didn't recognize it then once I uninstalled it the keyboard and everything else worked fine. So the reason it won't turn sideways is because an iPhone 3G with the iOS 4.1 uses alot of the processor. So it's not any damage, it's just a slow iPhone haha. Thanks for your time any effort, it helped.