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I'm doing a weekly video blog and want to use a similar 7 second intro for each blog with very minor changes such as the title of the blog and issue number. At the moment, I have to build the intro video from scratch everytime a make a new video. This is really annoying as it takes a good 20 minutes to put the intro video together. What's the best way to get around this?

This could all have been easily avoided if there where just a "save as" function in imovie which would allow me to open the INTRO VIDEO everytime I want to make a new video, build on that, and simply save everything as a new project. But I can't find anything that allows me to build on previous projects and save them as new ones, or even import the raw contents of other projects into new projects!

Help please!!

macbook pro 2.2ghz
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    Make your 7 second template.
    Or pick a movie that already contains the seven second template.
    Then, in the Project Library View, select the movie, and click FILE/DUPLICATE.

    You now have a copy of the movie with the template. Give it a name, like TEMPLATE.
    Delete everything that is not part of the template.
    Now when you want to create a new project, select the template in the Project Library List and FILE/DUPLICATE (or right-click/Duplicate, and change the name to your project name.