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Hi Folks.

i'm having the exact same problem as in this thread:

basically i have smtp and an exchange email accounts. when i open my exchange inbox, i create a new message and make sure the from address is my exchange one, then send the email, i see the email arriving from my smtp mail server in the email headers.

this is a problem since my exchange account is a corporate account which is allowed from outside the corporate network. however smtp is not allowed externally. so when i'm outside i only have access to exchange. so when i try to send email, since it's trying to use my smtp account, it keeps on saying: sending, then it gives me an error after a while that it can't connect to the smtp server!!.

so why does it select the smtp server and not exchange server, when i specifically went into exchange inbox, and made sure from field has exchange email?

Note this doesn't happen when i'm using a gmail account instead of smtp.

Any help appreciated.


Iphone 3gs, iOS 4