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Red Snapper Level 1 (0 points)
I've downloaded a couple of .dmg files over the ast couple of days and I keep getting this error message:

The following disk images couldn't be opened
Reason: not recognized

Anyone know how I can fix this?


  • Kappy Level 10 (265,666 points)
    Well, there are two possibilities. The most likely is the files are damaged to start with. The second is your system has the wrong application associated with .dmg files. For the latter Press COMMAND-I to open the Get Info window and look in the Open With section. It should say DiskImageMounter. If it does not then select Other from the drop down menu and navigate to /System/Library/CoreServices/ and select that application. Then click on the Change All button to be sure this works for all .dmg files as it should.

    For the former the files may be corrupted during download so you could try re-downloading. But if the problem persists then it's the file that's corrupted. Report that to whoever provided it for download.
  • Red Snapper Level 1 (0 points)
    Thanks for for your help. I've taken a look at what program is selected to open it, and it is "DiskImageMounter". As for the corrupt file, it has happened with the last two .dmg files I have downloaded, which are from two completely seperate sources.
    As a side note, I had a message come up a couple days ago when i tried to open a .dmg file. It asked me to select something out of a list (most of which looked like nonsense to me) so I just selected the one at the top (which was the only one to have 'mac' in the title). Never seen this before, or since, but I'm wondering if I've changed something in the settings?
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    Without knowing more I really have no idea, sorry.
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    No problems. Ive just run "Verify Disk" on my Macintosh HD and it's come up as corrupt! I'll run Disk Utility and hopefully it will sort it out.